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Defi with BuyUcoin

Trade & Store DeFi Tokens using secure & best cryptocurrency exchange.

What is Defi?

Decentralized finance is a fast-growing sector of the cryptocurrency industry, also known as DeFi. If cryptocurrency tokens create a decentralised value store separate from any government-sponsored fiat money, DeFi creates decentralised financial instruments separate from conventional central institutions.

The future of finance is decentralized

Why Trade & Store Defi Tokens?

Dominates Existing Blockchain Ecosystem

Looking at the average results, Ethereum dominates in implementations, application operation, user activity and even in traded / locked volumes (with limitations).

Total Value Locked in DeFi Tokens is $8.42B

True Decentralization, Low-Cost & Speed

DeFi is allowed to avoid censorship and using blockchain as technical framework enables transactions / settlement and contract management to be relatively fast and low cost.

Largest active DeFi contracts locks USD 10 million, without a Bank Account

How to Trade Defi with BuyUcoin?

DeFi Tokens like PolkaDot, ChainLink, AAVE & Others is available for trading at Lowest Trading Fees and at One-Click Transaction Method.

Check DeFi Tokens List for Trade and Wallet Storage

How it Works

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Step 02

  • Check INR Rate
  • Enter Amount

Step 03

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