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Sushi Swap Price SUSHI-INR

₹ 805.5

Current Price

Sushi Swap Price


₹ 805.5

Current Price

Sushi Swap Price Analysis Chart

  • Day
  • Week
  • Month

Last Price ▾ -2.39%

₹ 805.5

24h High

₹ 836.53 

24h Low

₹ 801.95

24h Vol

₹ 12449075557


Instant Buy

Current Price of 1 SUSHI = ₹600,000 INR
For ₹100 INR you will get = 0.00045 SUSHI

Daily Sushi Swap Price in INR

  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
Time Price in INR Change in %
18-10-2021 ₹ 851.3 -2.95%
17-10-2021 ₹ 877.2 -2.15%
16-10-2021 ₹ 896.5 +2.60%
15-10-2021 ₹ 873.8 +3.12%
14-10-2021 ₹ 847.4 +5.06%
13-10-2021 ₹ 806.6 +1.84%
12-10-2021 ₹ 792 0
Time Price in INR Change in %
18-10-2021 ₹ 864.25 +3.47%
16-10-2021 ₹ 835.257 +0.22%
09-10-2021 ₹ 833.386 +0.38%
02-10-2021 ₹ 830.243 +0.67%
25-09-2021 ₹ 824.686 -17.66%
18-09-2021 ₹ 1,001.557 +8.45%
11-09-2021 ₹ 923.557 0
Time Price in INR Change in %
10-2021 ₹ 842.128 -7.67%
09-2021 ₹ 912.07 +3.03%
08-2021 ₹ 885.219 +46.24%
07-2021 ₹ 605.323 -13.00%
06-2021 ₹ 695.77 -37.01%
05-2021 ₹ 1,104.639 +0.28%
04-2021 ₹ 1,101.567 0

Sushi Swap Overview

Market Cap Rank


What is Sushi Swap (SUSHI) ?

Sushi coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange where its foundation is built on the blockchain of Ethereum. The ambition of Sushi Swap is to be a better version than Uniswap, the most popular Ethereum-based DEX on the cryptocurrency market.

Despite having a controversial history in the past, Sushi Swap continues to be community-driven and dedicated to the open-source ethos of cryptocurrency. The smart contracts and code are accessible by anyone with the help of SushiSwap’s GitHub and Medium posts.

SushiSwap rewards those who deposit cryptocurrency to provide liquidity to the protocol with SUSHI, an ERC-20 token given to liquidity providers on SushiSwap which can be used for governance of the protocol.

This altcoin has also been audited by PeckShield and reviewed by Quantstamp. SushiSwap borrows the majority of its code from other Defi protocols including Uniswap, Compound Finance, and Yearn Finance.

Sushi Swap Price Prediction 2021

SushiSwap comprises several asset pools. Each pool consists of 2 assets, such as ETH(Ethereum) and LINK (Chainlink). This is because it uses an automated market maker – a smart contract that helps to find the ratio between two assets in each pool to determine their price.

After SushiSwap was released, it focused on Uniswap LP that is liquidity provider tokens. On the other side, LP tokens on Uniswap are ERC-20 tokens that are issued to liquidity providers when they deposit assets into pools on Uniswap.

LP tokens can easily be exchanged for the underlying deposited funds, used in other Defi protocols, and can even be exchanged for other LP tokens. Liquidity providers also receive a share of the trading fees of the assets in the pools when they provide liquidity via the LP tokens.

Sushi Swap Price in India (SUSHI to INR) in 2020

On 25 December 2020, the price of Sushi Swap Coin was Rs190.53. However, the price of Sushi Swap increased from the coming days that is on 28 December 2020 at Rs 194.56 and remained mostly the same with an extremely minute difference when the price of Sushi Swap hit a low of Rs 190.76 on December 31, 2020.

Sushi Swap Price in India (SUSHI to INR) in 2021

Sushi Swap Coin increased further to Rs 284.96 on 7 January 2021. 10 January 2021 was the highest that the Sushi Swap Coin had ever soared up concerning this month of the years at Rs344.66 Initially, at the start of the year, the altcoin, Sushi Swap coin had hit a price that is as low as 209.15 on 1 January 2021. However, the Sushi Swap coin has started picking up its pace this month.

Sushi Swap Features

Reward Distribution

With the current Uniswap configuration, 0.3% of all trading fees in any pool are proportionately distributed to the pool’s liquidity providers. It means that the people using Sushi Swap have a better advantage against that of Uniswap.

Liquidity Provider Incentives

SushiSwap, can also provide some liquidity into a pool and earn rewards in the form of SUSHI tokens. Unlike Uniswap, these SUSHI tokens would also entitle you to continue to earn a portion of the protocol’s fee, accumulated in SUSHI, even if you decide to no longer participate in the liquidity provision. It is extremely beneficial for an early adopter to help provide liquidity and become a significant stakeholder of the protocol.

Protocol Usage

SushiSwap shares an identical interface to Uniswap. This means that if your protocol is currently compatible with Uniswap, it should be relatively simple to integrate with SushiSwap.The team of this altcoin will work with various Defi and other ecosystem tools to start integrating SushiSwap.This usage will give the altcoin a better edge with that of Uniswap.

Security Audit

It is important for every altcoin to be secure and safe as Sushi Swap definitely thinks that too. The team of Sushi Swap reasonably covers unit test coverage and have tested that everything works on the test net. PeckShiled does an audit for Sushi Swap and Quantstamp review.

The Liquidity Migration

Around the first 100000 blocks from the protocol’s inception ( that is 2 weeks), Sushi Swap will be migrating all the liquidity tokens staked onto SushiSwap contracts. This migration will involve taking all of the Uniswap LP tokens staked on SushiSwap, redeeming them on Uniswap for the respective token pairs, and initializing new liquidity pools from those tokens.

The new pools will be almost identical to the standard Uniswap pool, with the added feature that any fees accrued will be distributed to SUSHI token holders through the logic outlined above. The stakes don’t need to do anything and will continue to receive SUSHI token rewards from providing liquidity going forward.


Instant Buy

Current Price of 1 SUSHI = ₹600,000 INR
For ₹100 INR you will get = 0.00045 SUSHI

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