EZ OTC is a crypto trading platform allowing traders to make bulk Buy/Sell Orders in an instant and reduce order completion time. More than 60+ Crypto-INR Pairs are available on EZ OTC including Defi and NFT Tokens. 89% of Corporate Users choose EZ OTC Desk over Classic Market and generate 38 Lakh in Intra-Day Trading Volume. EZ OTC gathers more than 28,000 Daily Active Users in Intra-Day and an average of 4,500 New Trading Users Since January 2021.

Personalized Service & Support

Corporate Accounts are given priority support and an account manager to keep their resolution time at a minimum, reminding offers and even provide price alerts. 24/7 Customer support is provided with email and chat services and API Support for setting up Trading Automation and Bulk Purchase orders. BuyUcoin is just one click away for corporate support.

Advantages of Using BuyUcoin EZ

EZ OTC reduces your order completion time with real-time price volatility and Instant Buy/Sell Order Completions over 60+ Crypto-INR Pairs.

Provided Good Limit on Trading

Buy and Sell in Bulk without any hassle

Lowest Trading Fees (only on BuyUcoin)

Available Markets

From Top Trending Coins Like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Defi Tokens Like Yearn.Finance, Cardano, Polkadot, AAVE, and more is available at EZ OTC Market.

Cryptocurrency List


The current price of cryptocurrency at which it is being traded

24hr Change

The percentage of difference between the current price of coin and the price 24 hours ago

Market Cap

The total market value of a cryptocurrency's circulating supply which is calculated by multiplying the price of coin with total coins in circulation

₹ 1,592,409 1.43% ₹ 38,434.58 Cr Buy Now Detail
₹ 89,062 0.19% ₹ 13,469.15 Cr Buy Now Detail
₹ 78.76 -0.41% ₹ 6,593.89 Cr Buy Now Detail
₹ 78.94 -0.11% ₹ 5,571.14 Cr Buy Now Detail
₹ 18,106.3 0.69% ₹ 3,735.13 Cr Buy Now Detail
₹ 25.54 -0.51% ₹ 1,559.56 Cr Buy Now Detail
₹ 36.02 -0.78% ₹ 1,537.11 Cr Buy Now Detail
₹ 2,758.11 0.38% ₹ 1,195.87 Cr Buy Now Detail
₹ 5.36 -0.64% ₹ 897.32 Cr Buy Now Detail
₹ 539.54 -2.71% ₹ 769.1 Cr Buy Now Detail

Register in 2 EZ Steps

Sign Up with BuyUcoin and choose a Corporate account and complete KYC to start trading. That's it. Trade with No-hassle.



Frequently Asked Questions

Sign Up with BuyUcoin and choose a Corporate account and complete KYC to start trading. That's it. Trade with No-hassle.

Yes, Anybody can trade using the EZ OTC platform on BuyUcoin.

BuyUcoin charges lowest fees on OTC Platform by taking real-time price volatility into consideration.