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Disclaimer: Investing in digital assets and plans like Bitcoin is subjected to market volatility. Please Invest wisely

Systematic Crypto Investment Plan (SCIP): Investment for your future.

If your monthly investment was ₹ 1,000 in Top Crypto Performing Plan for a period of 5 years.

Based on historical data you would get


by investing ₹60,000

Sky Rocket Your Returns By Investing In SCIP

Investing in Gold, Recurring Deposits, Real Estate or Mutual Funds, But What about RoI? Let’s make that more profitable for you. BuyUcoin Crypto SCIP provides you whooping returns based on historical data with a mere investment starting from INR 100 Only.

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5.3% 7.09% 11.60% 15.2% 2,847%
2017 ₹10,000 ₹8,915 ₹10,800 ₹9,000 ₹10,000
2019 ₹11,106 ₹9,588 ₹14,315 ₹11,000 ₹8,333
2021 ₹12,946 ₹10,461 ₹16,400 ₹12,500 ₹66,000

What is SCIP?

As the term indicates, it is a systematic method of investing fixed amounts of money periodically. It is a plan in which you can make equal payments to CRYPTO now and then without worrying about the market.

Benefits of SCIP

Less Risk More Return: You don’t have to time the market. You get more units when markets are low. This reduces your overall cost of investment and helps you to minimize the risk and allows you to protect your investment from market volatility.

Light on Pocket: The best part of SCIP is that you don’t need to buy an entire quantity of crypto. Start small with a plan starting from INR 100 by investing as per your pocket allow.

Time Saver and Flexible: Starting SCIP is quick and efficient. Start your SCIP online in just 5 minutes with plans customized to your needs

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Find the Best systematic Crypto investment plans


ROI : 643 %


Invest in low risk SCIP to maximize the return
Invest Now


ROI : 595 %

Meme Tokens SCIP

Invest in Top performing Meme tokens.
Invest Now


ROI : 783 %

High Yield SCIP Plan

Invest in High Yield Plan to get high return.
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ROI : 94 %

IoT Tokens SCIP

Future of Internet of Things is limitless. Cryptocurrencies, that are connected to the world of IoT.
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ROI : 949 %

Large Cap SCIP

Invest in top cryptocurrency with large market cap
Invest Now


ROI : 684 %

High Return SCIP

Invest in these top gainers to get high returns
Invest Now


ROI : -37 %

Decentralized Exchange

Top Decentralized exchange crypto tokens
Invest Now


ROI : 866 %


Top Crypto to invest for long term with low risk.
Invest Now


ROI : -10 %


The most valuable Polkadot based coins and tokens.
Invest Now


ROI : 177 %


Top crypto coins and tokens used for Collectibles & NFTs.
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ROI : 140 %

Metaverse token

Invest in Trending Metaverse Token
Invest Now


ROI : 661 %

Top Crypto Performers 2021

Invest in the Top Performing Cryptocurrencies of the Year 2021 with Low-Risk and high returns
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ROI : 1489 %

Dogecoin SIP

Invest in Dogecoin, one of the best performing crypto of 2021 with Medium Risk & Highest expected returns
Invest Now


ROI : 114 %

Chainlink SIP

Link your Investments with Chainlink and get good ROI with Low-Risk
Invest Now


ROI : 4 %

Litecoin SIP

Start a lite investment with Medium Risk and good ROI in Litecoin
Invest Now


ROI : 2198 %

Ethereum SIP

Invest in the Top Altcoin with great RoI and Lowest-Risk
Invest Now


ROI : 249 %

Bitcoin SIP

Invest & Subscribe in Bitcoin SIP, Returning highest returns of the era according to historical data.
Invest Now

How to Start Your First Investment in SCIP

Start Systematic Crypto Investment Plan in minutes with flexible plans for top cryptocurrencies starting at just INR 100.
Now earn more without worrying about the market volatility.

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Signup and with your email id

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Complete your KYC formalities and get your account verified.

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Easily Deposit Crypto or INR into Your Digital Wallet BuyUcoin

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Select the right SCIP plan for yourself

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Start your SCIP without any worry.

Normal Trading Vs SCIP

BuyUcoin introduces Systematic Investment Plans in Crypto with Flexible plans that will average out market risks and fluctuations.

Normal Crypto Tranding

Time the market missing the right time to enter or exit may lead to loss.

MORE RISK appetite

As the market is volatile people tends to do panic buy and sell

A time-consuming and strenuous task.

Systematic Crypto Investment Plan

Do not time the market or get bothered by short-term market volatility

LESS RISK appetite

No need to be worried about the market volatilityas timely investment lower average cost.

Effortless and take just few minutes

Why Choose BuyUcoin

BuyUcoin offers industry-first Systematic Crypto Investment Plan with Bundles Plans including more than 10 cryptocurrencies with plans starting at as less as INR 100.

SCIP through bundle plans with popular crypto assets to provide immense flexibility.

24/7 standby support with call back option around web and app.

Multiple layers of security on app with 2FA authentication and access through Trading PIN and fingerprint.

Hassle free platform to strat your first SCIP in just few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Step1 - Go to the SCIP plan and choose any SCIP plan.
Step2 - Click on the invest now button and see the details view of the SCIP plan
Step3 - Enter the instalment amount and select the category of instalments.
Step4 - Press the invest button to start SCIP.
Once the SCIP plan is subscribed successfully users can see their subsection in the SCIP subscription page

BuyUcoin offers first in the industry with more than 10 Top performing crypto assets with flexibility of bundle plans.

Crypto SCIP offers you systematic investment which average out the market fluctuation, thus provide you the profit in longer period of time.

The minimum and maximum amount for SCIP is completely depend on the SCIP plan that you choose.

We have a SCIP details page where users can see the expected ROI table and historical ROI on the graph.

Right now we don't have the functionality to update the instalment category. Users can close the current plan and subscription the another one.

Premature SCIP can be close at any given time. No fee will be charged on premature SCIP. However, you can start your instalment with INR 100 and maximum up to INR 10,00,000.

Step1 - Go to the SCIP subscription page and select a particular subscription
Step2 - Click SCIP Portfolio button.
Step3 - Click the Premature close button to close the SCIP subscription.

The user can set the end date to close the SCIP plan and the date will be after the next instalment date
Step1 - Go to the SCIP subscription page and select a particular subscription
Step2 - Click the update button
Step3 - Input the end date and then press the update button.