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NFT Market Place

Now Buy/Sell your Digital Art through India Ka NFT Marketplace. Make your Art, Meme, Short Video, Vectors, Photographs, anything and everything Live on Blockchain FOREVER for the world to see and place bid.


NFT Works?

Single crypto tokens managed on a blockchain are the NFT's. Therefore blockchain is used to track the ownership and transaction history of each NFT that contains code and unique ID and other metadata which cannot be duplicated by any other token.


with INR

Now Buy/Sell NFT using BuyUcoin's INR Fiat Gateway Saving time for conversion and getting your Digital Art showcase & auction a Jump start. Instant Buy & Sell Option, INR NFT Bid Value and Much more.


NFT in India

Now Buy NFT in India with BuyUcoin and Resell as well. To Buy, Just select the Digital Art or NFT and Use wallets like MetaMask, Torus and more to pay with ETH at a nominal fee.
Limited time offer, Buy NFT at 0% Fees!.


NFT in India

Now Sell NFT in India with BuyUcoin and Get Royalty on Reselling. To Sell, Create a Collection at NFT Marketplace. Create a NFT by uploading the Digital Art, Meme, Short Video or anything. Select Fixed Price or Auction Range.
Limited Time Offer: Sell NFT at 0% Fees!

how to

collect NFT in India?

To Collect NFTs, Visit the Marketplace, Search for Bundles or collections and Place your Bidding or Pay the fixed price. You can also compete with other NFT Buyers collecting single NFT resources launched seperately out of a collection.
Limited Time Offer: Collect NFT at 0% Fees!

how to

auction NFT in India?

Now Auction your Art at India Ka NFT Marketplace in an Instant. Place Sell Order of your NFT and Enter Minimum price. Auction will start from that price, Also choose Maximum price for Instant Sell to take place.
Limited Time Offer: Auction NFT at 0% Fees!

How it works

for Indian Artist?

Indian Artists Can also use this platform in the same ease-of-use way and create there own collections, single art and it can be anything having uniqueness and no duplicacy option. Minting with INR will launch sooner than you expect to provide ease with Buy/Sell Transactions

Authenticate your work

Set price & Sell

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Faq (Frequently Asked Questions)

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a type of cryptocurrency asset where each item, or token, is completely unique. As a result, they are useless as a currency but extremely useful for other purposes, such as crypto art.

BuyUcoin, India ka NFT Marketplace is a platform for digital Artist to Buy/Sell/Bid and Auction Art or anything that can be unique.

Yes, you can create an NFT out of anything, But its upto the buyer to understand and approve its uniqueness and place bid accordingly. You can create nft' Out of Memes, Short Videos, Song and much more.

Yes, as the value of NFT depends on a artists work, Buyers place order from $1 to $3.5 Million (According to latest Bid).

To list free NFT for Free BUyUcoin launches NFT competitions and list winner NFT's as a competition winner to provide support for all Digital Artists.

You can Buy NFT using powered BuyUcoin India Ka NFT Maretplace.

You can Sell NFT using powered BuyUcoin India Ka NFT Maretplace.

You can place Bid on NFT using powered BuyUcoin India Ka NFT Maretplace.

You can auction your NFT by selecting price range using powered BuyUcoin India Ka NFT Maretplace.

You can Buy Ethereum or Other Cryptocurrencies on BuyUcoin and Transfer into MetaMask or Torus directly using the chrome extension. And Mint using the Wallet there.