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Serum Price (SRM)


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About Serum

The Serum has been built on the Solana blockchain platform as a completely decentralised exchange platform (DEX). The project aims to deliver low-cost and high-speed transactions.

Definition of gas costs and slow transactions have taken place since Defi began growing in popularity and coupled with the constant popularity of Dexes in Ethereum space. The Serum has been designed to address the centralised gaps in the present challenge area.

Serum Price INR History

Time Price in INR Change in %
2021-04-28 769.22 0.63%
2021-04-01 402.29 0.29%
2021-03-01 364.83 0.22%
2021-02-01 177.93 -0.60%
2021-01-01 76.15 -2.74%
2020-12-01 78.40 -2.64%
2020-11-01 72.79 -2.92%
2020-10-01 135.59 -1.10%
2020-09-01 249.75 -0.14%
2020-08-11 117.22 -1.43%

Serum Price History and Analysis

Serum Price in India (SRM Price in INR)

The digital coin is interactive with other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum However, unlike other DEXes, SRM offers book-based trading, for example, centralised exchanges in cryptocurrency. This is the current TPS for the Solana blockchain. It can process between 50, 000 to 65,000 transactions per second.

Serum Coin Price in India (SRM to INR) in 2020

The price of the Serum coin jumped from 117 INR to 200 INR within a month of its launch. An all-time high of 265.47 INR was recorded on 3rd September 2020. Then throughout the year, the price remained in the range between 70 to 100 INR.

Serum Coin Price in India (SRM to INR) in 2021

The price jumped from 76 INR to 200 INR within a month and started to rally in the month of February 2021. An all-time high of 591.91 INR was recorded on 12th April 2021.

Serum Features


The ecosystem backbone of the Serum. The SPL token, listed as ERC20, has been native Solana.


Note that the supply cap of 1,000 MSRM is present and therefore up to 10% of all SRMs can be locked with 10,000,000,000 SRM in MSRM anytime (10 billion).


Reduced serum charges, staking rewards, 100% net purchases and burns, as well as specialised administration.


Based on your node performance, you receive staking awards. Nodes perform important on-chain actions like supplying cross-chain validation stories. You can stake in a different node. There's a 'leader' in every node that creates it. The leader receives a fraction of the staking fees in the node.


The specialised ongoing governance is anticipated for SRM. It will set important parameters (e.g. fees), but will not be able to take action that will cripple Serum.


Price of 1 SRM ~ 600,000 INR
For 100 INR you will get 0.00045 SRM

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