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1inch Price (1INCH)


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About 1inch

1inch Token is an aggregator for decentralized exchange (DEX), which platforms multiple DEXes to find the most effective swap routes across all platforms. To help a consumer get the best price for an exchange, every exchange needs to be looked at by DEX.

Aggregators do not have to manually search and switch to a DEX method. DEX aggregators function by the aggregation of liquidity from various DExs so that users can deliver higher token swap prices as soon as possible than any DEX can find.

1inch Price INR History

Time Price in INR Change in %
2021-03-01 281.43 0.39%
2021-02-01 363.92 0.53%
2021-01-01 100.27 -0.72%
2020-12-25 173.33 0.01%

1inch Price History and Analysis

1inch Price in India (1INCH Price in INR)

The 1inch token is used to include and involve all owners in the management of 1inch protocols. The 1-inch circulating supply on 25 December 2020 is 6% of the overall emission, and in the first two weeks of the liquidity mining programme, it is 5%. 1INCH currently provides a total of 1.5 billions of tokens.

Of the token supply, 30% is given for community benefits and will be distributed over the next four years to provide an opportunity for members of the local community to engage in the governance of protocols. In addition, the Growth and Development Fund will pay for 14.5% of overall supplies over a four-year term.

1inch Token Price in India (1INCH to INR) in 2020

The price of 1inch token considerately decreased from December 1, 2020. Where the highest of the month is recorded to be 190.96 on December 25th during a festive eve of Christmas. Though the price swing was more at the end of the year it was more fixed in terms of price variations.

1inch coin Price in India (1INCH to INR) in 2021

After January 6th, the price of 1inch started to increase 1inch token dramatically from 90 INR to 100 INR and remained in the range of 80-110 INR till January 11. From January 18th the price was recorded to be 148.88 INR and the price rallied till the end of the month where 390.64 was recorded on January 31st. The price during February is between the range of 300-400 INR.

1inch Features

Single board Liquidity

The 1-inch exchange includes single board liquidity and multi-dex exchange rates.

Funds are held in the ERC20 wallets

None one of the customer's funds are kept for 1-inch exchange. All funds are held in the ERC20 wallets of the customer.

Users have authority over their coins

Users have authority over their coins, in theory. They will determine the trade to sell and purchase their coins.

No need to establish an Account

No KYC need, no need to establish an account, just link up and start your wallet trading.

Low risk of hackers attacks

There is a low risk of hackers attacks because there is no 1-inch reserve.


Price of 1 1INCH ~ 600,000 INR
For 100 INR you will get 0.00045 1INCH

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