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Makerdao Price (MKR)


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About Makerdao

MakerDAO Token Was founded in 2014, in California, by developer and entrepreneur Rune Christensen. MakerDAO (MKR) is a tool token, control token and recapitalization resource for the Maker platform, which functions as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Using Ethereum (ETH) or several other coins as security, the MKR platform has mainly been used to create Dai and Sai, both with a fixed stick in the US are in dollars. Maker governance is an organized and driven process of managing various aspects of the. MAKER protocol. Dai is a decentralized, fair, collateral-backed cryptocurrency soft-pegged to US dollars. Resistant to hyperinflation due to its low volatility, the midwife provides financial freedom and opportunity to anyone, anywhere.

Makerdao Price INR History

Time Price in INR Change in %
2020-08-29 632.18 -325.20%
2020-08-28 631.68 -325.46%
2020-08-27 614.48 -334.60%
2020-08-26 641.49 -320.47%
2020-08-25 636.72 -322.88%
2020-08-24 679.38 -302.54%

Makerdao Price History and Analysis

Makerdao Price in India (MKR Price in INR)

MakerDAO (MKR) market price is currently $ 532 million with US $ 756,000 in the last 24 hours. The total USD value held by the EIA contract is USD 1.52 billion, or 2.57 million ETH. The old version of the coin was named Sai and it will disintegrate completely in a few months. Initially, Ethereum and Basic Attention Tokens will be able to act as MCD providers. Developers are considering the possibility of adding Augur (REP).

MakerDAO price in India (MKR to INR) in Jan 2018

In Jan 2018, the price of Maker was ₹117558.08 and volume of ₹111753870 with market cap of ₹0.

Maker price in India (MKR to INR) in Dec 2018

In December 2018 the price of Maker Token was ₹35448.1695 with volume of ₹19011 and market cap of ₹2.58141263e10

MakerDAO price in India (MKR to INR) in Jan 2019

In January 2019, the price of MakerDAO was ₹32769.148 and volume of ₹81367 with market cap of ₹2.38648103e10.

MakerDAO token price in India (MKR to INR) in Dec 2019

In December 2019, the price of MakerDAO token was ₹37251 and volume of ₹3000129232 with Market Cap of ₹4.24663005e10

Maker price in India (MKR to INR) in Jan 2020

In January 2020, the price of Maker token was ₹31048.5586 and volume of ₹274701566 with market cap of ₹3.104837932e10

MakerDAO price in India (MKR to INR) in Aug 2020

In August 2020, the price of makerDAO was ₹3.4852 and volume of ₹2.17462992e9 with Market Cap of ₹4.8832353e10

Makerdao Features

Maker MKR is a proprietary token for Maker, and is supported by Ether instead of Fitter Currency.

DAI is a fixed currency created with partial reserve banking ideals and linked to the producer MKR. Simply put, it is a safe haven that should avoid volatility in the main market.

The maker has a total supply of 1,000,000 MKR. Its maximum price was $ 1,687.86, which occurred in January 2020.

It is the basis of a simple banking system built on blockchain technology that allows for simple international payments and peer-to-peer transfers.


Price of 1 MKR ~ 600,000 INR
For 100 INR you will get 0.00045 MKR

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