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Iexec Rlc Price (RLC)


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About Iexec Rlc

iExec RLC can help with applications in big data, healthcare, AI, rendering, and fintech. On October 16, 2016, IExec was founded with the goal of reinventing cloud computing through the development of a new cloud computing paradigm.

Iexec Rlc Price INR History

Time Price in INR Change in %
2021-05-17 579.50 0.66%
2021-01-01 53.55 -2.71%
2020-12-01 75.78 -1.62%
2020-06-01 28.32 -6.02%
2020-01-01 29.30 -5.78%
2019-12-01 48.67 -3.08%
2019-06-01 30.85 -5.44%
2019-01-01 12.57 -14.81%
2018-12-01 15.55 -11.78%
2018-06-01 115.05 -0.73%
2018-01-01 117.07 -0.70%
2017-12-01 35.94 -4.53%
2017-06-01 44.35 -3.48%
2017-04-20 19.01 -9.46%

Iexec Rlc Price History and Analysis

Iexec Rlc Price in India (RLC Price in INR)

Before investing, you must check the iExec RLC Token price in India to verify its performance. To know the iExec RLC Token price today, review the above graph. If you need a more detailed comparison of 1 RLC to INR (viz. “the worth of 1 RLC in INR”), get in touch with us.

For historical information about iExec RLC Token live price to date, explore the below section:

1 iExec RLC Token Price in INR: Historical Analysis

iExec RLC Token has been traded in India’s burgeoning crypto market since August 1, 2020, thanks to online marketplaces like BuyUcoin.

iExec RLC Token Price in INR in 2017:

The iExec RLC Token was launched on 20th April 2017, with the price of 19.01 INR. On 5th June 2017, the price increased to 75.27 INR where till 9th March 2017 the price of the token remained below 30 INR. On 16th October 2017, an all-time high of 197.27 INR was recorded.

iExec RLC Token Price in INR in 2018:

At the beginning of the year on 1st January 2018, the price of iExec RLC Token was 117.07 INR where on 12th January the price jumped to 257.85 INR. From February to July the price of iExec RLC Token remained in the range between 25 to 30 INR.

iExec RLC Token Price in INR in 2019:

The price of iExec RLC Token was just 12.57 INR at the beginning of the year 2019, where the price reached 52.57 INR on 15th May 2019. From May till November 2019, the price of the token saw a downfall where again it regained its rally to 50 INR on 16th November 2019.

iExec RLC Token Price in INR in 2020:

Before the month of July in the year 2020, the price of the iExec RLC Token was between the range of 21 to 50 INR where on 18th July 2020, the price of the token saw an all-time high of 136.25 INR. Again on 16th August 2020, the price saw a surge to 138.81 INR.

iExec RLC Token Price in INR in 2021:

The price of the iExec RLC Token jumped from 53.55 INR to 167.31 INR within two months from the beginning of the year. An all-time high of 949.80 INR was recorded on 10th May 2021.

Iexec Rlc Features

Know More About iExec RLC Token Live Price in India

If you want to buy iExec RLC Token in India, contact BuyUcoin.

iExec RLC Token Features

The interconnection of applications, services, data, and computing resources is a key feature of iExec. In this application, eFast makes use of data and computing resource providers made available by blockchain technologies.

Application providers

Each new service developed in eFast will be sold directly on the blockchain, similar to the traditional cloud's Software-as-a-Service approach. Customers of eFast will use dedicated smart contracts to define eFast functionality and usage rights within iExec.

Data providers

Data is a vital source of business, technological, and scientific innovation. This has resulted in the emergence of blockchain-based data marketplaces, such as Ledges and, a cryptocurrency stock exchange data archive. iExec will allow the application provider eFast to connect to the data provider, allowing eFast to run on a specific user-defined portfolio.

Computing resource providers

The application to be used is eFast, the data provider is Kaiko, and the resource provider is Stigmergy. Following that, the application, data, and resource are represented as smart contracts deployed on the blockchain, with their terms of use embedded.

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Price of 1 RLC ~ 600,000 INR
For 100 INR you will get 0.00045 RLC

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