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Ampleforth Price (FORTH)


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About Ampleforth

FORTH is a financial building block and a cryptocurrency. It's algorithmic and unscrupulous, similar to Bitcoin. However, AMPL may be used to designate stable contracts as opposed to Bitcoin.

It adjusts the AMPL supply, which the software administers daily, to maintain price parity with the US dollar. Ampleforth works with the AMP stable coin. This means that everyone with AMPL tokens can see the balance changed every day at 2:00 UTC in their wallets.

Ampleforth Price INR History

Time Price in INR Change in %
2021-03-01 57.08 -18.54%
2021-01-01 71.10 -14.69%
2020-12-01 107.98 -9.33%
2020-09-01 159.23 -6.00%
2020-06-01 74.22 -14.03%
2020-03-01 83.84 -12.30%
2020-01-01 72.06 -14.48%
2019-12-01 71.91 -14.51%
2019-11-01 22.46 -48.66%
2019-10-01 26.77 -40.66%
2019-09-01 34.85 -31.00%
2019-08-01 52.41 -20.28%
2019-06-29 137.62 -7.10%

Ampleforth Price History and Analysis

Ampleforth Price in India (FORTH Price in INR)

An example provides the best way to explain it briefly: 1 USD = 1.5 AMPL (daily rate): price may be adjusted to 1 FORTH = 1 USD by increasing every wallet balance. In this case, a 10-day linear stagger will result in a +50%/ 10 AMPL increase on the first day of your wallet.

Ampleforth Coin Price in India (FORTH to INR) in 2019

At the time of launch on 29th June 2019, the price of FORTH Coin was 137.62 INR and it started to decline from the month of August nearly to 50 INR. An all-time high of 143.98 INR was recorded on 30th June 2019.

Ampleforth Coin Price in India (FORTH to INR) in 2020

The price of FORTH Coin jumped from 72 INR to 100 INR within two months in the year 2020. An all-time high of 287.63 INR was recorded on 12th July 2020. Again from September, the price started to decline and remained in the range below 100 INR.

Ampleforth Coin Price in India (AMPL to INR) in 2021

In January the price of AMPL Coin remained in the range between 70 to 80 INR where a sudden peak to 100 INR was seen in the month of February. An all-time high of 120.69 INR was recorded on 6th February 2021.

Ampleforth Features


In other words, a set of programmed rules dictate the movements of the token which makes them predictable.


As we saw, the supply of AMPL changes depending on price and demand.


A financial institution such as a bank does not require you to handle transactions - all is decentralised and peer to peer.


Your token share remains unchanged unless you choose to sell or buy some of it.


You must not buy the token directly. You can instead purchase token derivatives (like future products) to speculate on their price.


Price of 1 FORTH ~ 600,000 INR
For 100 INR you will get 0.00045 FORTH

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