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Yearnfinance Price (YFI)


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Yearnfinance Price (YFI)

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About Yearnfinance was created by naughty programmer Andre Cronje. After leaving law school, he completed a three-year computer science program in just 6 months, earning an offer to teach at an institution offering a course. Instead of immersing himself in the private sector, he worked on insurance, fintech, big data and distributed books (centralized blockchains). While his colleague was on his honeymoon, Cronje began researching cryptocurrencies, claiming that if his colleague was never married, he would never interfere in the crypto space. Although Cronje believes that most cryptocurrencies are too unstable and speculative to invest seriously in them, he is still fascinated by the decentralized financial protocols and incredible returns offered by stablecoin on these platforms. Cronje began investing his own and others' money in these protocols and would manually transfer funds to the platform / stablecoin combination that provided the largest API. In the middle, he developed a program that would automatically switch between DeFi protocols to optimize performance when he realized he could increase it and make it public. He began working closely with Curve Finance and Aave to create what became known as iEarn. At the time, Cronje was known in the Crypto Coin space for detailed code reviews on Medium. He became so influential that the reviews he gave for a while before Crypto Briefing were considered the project to make or break in the eyes of many in the Crypto community. Cronje believes that DeFi has become so complex that it has become almost impossible for the average person to communicate, hence the focus on a simple and intuitive user experience which is now crucially renamed (AKA iEarn). in February this year. Cronje also wants to make the safest available DeFi protocol, and recently stated that he was the first to invest his funds in it and that he will be the last to withdraw his funds. Cronje is passionate about open source technologies, refuses to take credit for the protocols he has created, is obsessed with objectively dissecting code from other DeFi platforms, and remains incredibly active in community and long-term development. finances. In his own words, this requires 'more hatred than what you build'. Most importantly, when the IFI token was created, it kept nothing to itself, as is often done in many crypto-currency projects (although it has cultivated some of them as a regular user). Cronje also pronounces the IFI token as 'waifu' and emphasizes that it has a value of 0.

Yearnfinance Price INR History

Time Price in INR Change in %
2020-09-16 34,718 NaN%
2020-09-15 35,914 NaN%
2020-09-14 39,550 NaN%
2020-09-13 36,728 NaN%
2020-09-12 43,338 NaN%
2020-09-11 37,823 NaN%

Yearnfinance Price History and Analysis

Yearnfinance Price in India (YFI Price in INR)

The YFI token has been out of the market for more than a month and has amassed an astonishing US $ 4900. What is noteworthy is the price continues even though all the tokens are issued and they are already in circulation. In addition to the 'minor' pullback from $ 3900 USD to $ 2800 USD the day the last YFI token was issued, YFI has been expanding since it was announced and has not been seen. An interesting fact is that the rotational supply of UFIs is equal to the total supply. Only 51 UFI tokens are not in circulation according to the cocoon market cap. It is important to note that these 51 tokens may expire, before it is possible that someone may decide to burn the YFI tokens in exchange for their DDI rich asset pool / treasure chest.

Yearn.Finance price in India (YFI to INR) in Jan 2018

In January 2018, the price of YEARN.FINANCE was highest in the year i.e. Rs. 45.542 and volume of Rs. 867492.56 with market cap of Rs. 0.

Yearn.Finance price in India (YFI to INR) in Dec 2018

In December 2018, the price of YEARN.FINANCE was Rs. 5.73 and volume of Rs. 738295.11 with market cap of Rs. 863795175

Yearn Finance Token price in India (YFI to INR) in Jan 2019

In January 2019, the price of YEARN FINANCE Token was Rs. 4.93and volume of Rs. 280891 with market cap of Rs. 957382956.

Yearn Finance Token price in India (YFI to INR) in Dec 2019

In December 2019, the price of YEARN FINANCE Token was Rs. 77.38 and volume of Rs. 853672893 with market cap of Rs. 1.83628047e10

YFI Token price in India (YFI to INR) in Jan 2020

January 2020, the price of YFI Token was Rs. 62.54 and volume of Rs. 37594639.5 with market cap of Rs. 1.74925493e10

YFI Token price in India (YFI to INR) in Aug 2020

On August 2020, the price of YFI Token was Rs. 504.84 and volume of Rs. 7.74538956e9 with market cap of Rs. 4.74935276e10

Yearnfinance Features

The underestimated complexity of the financing year may be due to the lack of available protocol documentation.

Financial work during the year is actually easier to do than other D-Fi projects, which is used to refer to the eponymous financing protocol at the end of the year, which is the one we are on.

As mentioned earlier, transfers stable beacon funds between the compound, AO, and fines, depending on how stable a group of Bitcoin funds generates the most APIs. currently supports DA, USD, USDT, USD and SSD. Because finance is a community rule, lending protocols are swapped between them, and the list of supported cryptocurrencies may change from time to time.


Price of 1 YFI ~ 600,000 INR
For 100 INR you will get 0.00045 YFI

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