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Price of 1 CVC ~ 600,000 INR
For 100 INR you will get 0.00045 CVC

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With the inception of blockchain and the development of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, the crypto industry garnered huge popularity and soon earned a huge amount of investment from individuals as well as multi-national corporations and government organizations as well. Many blockchain network organizations soon started realizing the potential which the network held within it and started implementing it for other purposes such as decentralized cloud storage and online entertainment services. But the development of Civic marked blockchain technology’s entrance in the identity verification platform.

What is Civic ?

Unlike mainstream cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Civic has unique abilities that it provides to its users other than being a cryptocurrency that can be traded. Civic is mainly an identity verification platform that helps in reducing the time-consuming process of document verification by verifying the user directly where the verification is accepted. Since the platform operates on a blockchain network, the platform is highly secure and the chances of data theft occurring are practically negligible. The whole platform also has its own inbuilt cryptocurrency named Civic Token(CVC)is an ERC20 token which is based on the Ethereum blockchain network and is primarily used during the identity verification process. It can be stored in any wallet that supports Ethereum. The platform has created an ecosystem in which individuals can create their own virtual identity and safely store all their personal information in it for a significantly less amount of fee. Through these virtual identities, users can access services without going through the extensive background check every time from scratch, thus saving a huge amount of time. The CEO of the Civic platform is a South African entrepreneur named Vinny Lingham who had worked in the e-commerce sector for a decade, while the driving force behind the project is the CTO Jonathan Smith and his team of 50 highly trained technicians which help in keeping the platform free of bugs and issues and keep updating it to include new features.

History of Civic ?

CEO Vinny Langham, founded Gyft, a digital gift card platform, which was acquired by First Data Corporation in 2014, realized that there is no single solution for consumer identity fraud then he decided to found Civic. Civic had a large ICO, with $33 million in token sales. Civic has released its identity verification project and won the Best New Startup award at K(NO)W Identity Conference 2017.

Advantages of CIVIC coin

Civic is a unique platform that is used to verify the identities of its users and avoid unnecessary documentation processes without creating a username or password on the platform. In order to ensure the authenticity of the user, the platform asks its users to submit specific documents on their platform and also does an extensive background check of the user by going through their public information and social media accounts. The process helps in avoiding identity theft and fake ID creation on the platform and has proved to have a very high success rate. Other than that, the platform has also created its own cryptocurrency wallet named Civic wallet that is free to use and download. The wallet charges a small amount of fee for buying digital currencies and exchange existing cryptocurrencies.

The Civic wallet also partnered up with the company Coincover to provide increased security to its users and ensuring the safety of their investments. The duo announced a $1 million protection guarantee to its users. Coincover is known for being a leading player in the field of security, risk prevention, and mitigation solutions. With increased turbulence in the stock market, Civic ensured that the interests and investments of its users are safe by providing an extra layer of security to its private wallet. The Civic wallet also allows its user to buy and store multiple types of cryptocurrencies in the wallet including Bitcoins, USDC, and Ehtereum directly in the wallet with a bank account attached to it. It can also be used to send cryptocurrency or money to friends and family for a small fee directly to them, irrespective of the fact whether they use a Civic wallet or a third-party wallet.

How to Buy and Sell Civic (CVC) coin in India?

Since the CVC coin is an ERC20 token which is based on the Ethereum coin. This ensures that the coin is available on most exchange platforms that trade in cryptocurrencies. Exchange platforms charge a nominal fee for providing a medium for the users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The fee varies from platform to platform. Exchange platforms that accept fiat currencies for CVT coins are rare but there are some markets that provide this ability to its users.

CVC coin market trends and Market cap

The Civic (CVC) coin is a fairly stable cryptocurrency and is also garnering a huge interest in both multi-national financial institutions and government organizations alike due to its innovative design and unique abilities that it provides to its users. The cryptocurrency peaked in its value when on 3rd January 2018, the price of CVC coin peaked at $1.35 USD. Since then, the value gradually decreased and stabilized between $0.05 USD to $0.1 USD till September 2019. After that, the value of the coin again went on a downward slope and fell at a record low of $0.016 USD in March 2020. Since them, the value of the coin has been gradually growing until now.

As of 9th July 2020, the price of 1 CVC coin in INR stands at 2.17 INR. the CVC market cap is currently at $18,553,122 USD with almost 670 million CVC coins in circulation out 1 billion.

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