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Civic Price CVC-INR

₹ 14.76

Current Price

Civic Price Chart in INR

  • Day
  • Week
  • Month

Last Price ▲ 3.41 %

₹ 14.76

24h High

₹ 14.9 

24h Low

₹ 14.1

24h Vol

₹ 664696602

1 CVC to INR

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Current Price of 1 CVC = 600,000 INR
For 100 INR you will get = 0.00045 CVC

Civic Price History in INR

  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
Time Price in INR Change in %
23-04-2024 ₹ 14 0.00%
22-04-2024 ₹ 14 -6.04%
21-04-2024 ₹ 14.9 +6.43%
20-04-2024 ₹ 14 +7.69%
19-04-2024 ₹ 13 -2.26%
18-04-2024 ₹ 13.3 -5.00%
17-04-2024 ₹ 14 0
Time Price in INR Change in %
23-04-2024 ₹ 14.3 +7.28%
20-04-2024 ₹ 13.33 -18.27%
13-04-2024 ₹ 16.31 -7.91%
06-04-2024 ₹ 17.71 +2.19%
30-03-2024 ₹ 17.33 +60.31%
23-03-2024 ₹ 10.81 -12.11%
16-03-2024 ₹ 12.3 0
Time Price in INR Change in %
04-2024 ₹ 15.41 +18.81%
03-2024 ₹ 12.97 +54.96%
02-2024 ₹ 8.37 +1.70%
01-2024 ₹ 8.23 -10.74%
12-2023 ₹ 9.22 -0.43%
11-2023 ₹ 9.26 +39.25%
10-2023 ₹ 6.65 0

About Civic (CVC)

Market Cap Rank


Civic provides blockchain-based a decentralized model on-demand, secure and low-cost access to identity verification (IDV). This removes the need for background and personal information verification checks that are undertaken every time a new institution requires one. in which participants will use the ‘Civic token’ to transact in IDV-related services., CEO Vinny Langham, founded Gyft, a digital gift card platform, which was acquired by First Data Corporation in 2014, realized that there is no single solution for consumer identity fraud then he decided to found Civic. Civic had a large ICO, with $33 million in token sales. Civic has released its identity verification project and won the Best New Startup award at K(NO)W Identity Conference 2017.

Earn Free Civic

Civic (CVC) Price Prediction

Civic Price Today in India is ₹ 14.76 with a 24-hour trading volume of ₹66,46,96,602. In the last 24 hours, CVC-INR price has increased by 3.41%. Civic CoinMarketCap rank is 387. The circulation supply of Civic is 80,20,00,010CVC coins, with maximum circulating supply being unlimited.

CVC price in INR in 2017

In September, 2017 CIVIC entered with CVC to INR 30.98 and there was decline in the price and it closed the month September, 2017 with Price of CIVIC in INR 26.12. On 1st October, 2017 the price of CIVIC in rupees was INR 25.07 and it kept declining and reached at CVC to INR 22.10 on 31st October, 2017. The initial price of CIVIC in November, 2017 was CVC to INR 19.60 and there was cryptocurrency market crashed down and it reached at its lowest value of CVC to INR 17.56 in November 2017. But after the market crash when other cryptocurrencies flush down but CVC maintained its position in top 20 cryptocurrencies because of its features of providing secure platform not only for coin exchange but also be used to verify identities in fields like medicine, law, e-commerce, and social networking. On 1st December, 2017 the price of CIVIC in India was 20.27 and the performance of CIVIC improved and Civic won the best New Startup award at the K(NO)W Identity Conference 2017 and after so many fluctuation in price, It closed the year 2017 with CVC to INR 59.17.

Civic price in INR in 2018

The initial price of CIVIC in India in January, 2018 was 60.29 and it started moving towards the trend but suddenly the price of CIVIC in Rupees started moving in downward direction and closed the month January, 2018 with CIVIC to INR 34.81. The price of CIVIC in INR was 36.35 on 1st Feb, 2018 and it kept on declining and finally closed the month February, 2018 with CVC to INR 24.

Civic price in INR in 2019

In the beginning, Civic price in Inr was 3.52 and Civic price reached maximum of 6.58 on 08th April, 2019 which plumeted for some time again reaching lowest at a value of INR 4.68 which rose again till 14th June, 2019 at INR 6.30 and by the end of the year on 31st December 2019 it slid back to INR 1.41.

Civic price in INR in 2020

On 1st January 2020, Civic price started with INR 1.30 and has reached Highest by far on 15th February 2020 at INR 2.56 with sliding back to INR 1.07 on 13th March and recovering at INR 1.95 as on 1st June

Civic price in INR in 2021

Civic price in India today is ₹11.97 INR with a 24-hour trading volume of ₹14,039,164,006. CVC price is down -14.1% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 670 Million CVC coins and a max supply of 1 Billion. BuyUcoin is the current most active market trading it.

Civic Features

Secure Identity Platform (SIP)

Civic’s SIP uses verified identities for multi-factor authentication without need of usernames or passwords; it can be done using biometrics, such as fingerprints. Using the technology, user identities will be verifiable, decentralized, and secure.

Secure Private Sign-up & Login

Similar to social networking , users can use Civic’s Secure Private Login (SPL) to create new accounts on websites and apps without the need for a username or password. Civic’s Secure Private Sign-up (SPS) will ensure that accounts of new users will be legitimate.

Identity Theft Protection

Civic provides protection from identity theft through monitoring, identity theft threats, issuing potential identity theft alerts, offering fraud support.

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1 CVC to INR

Instant Buy

Current Price of 1 CVC = 600,000 INR
For 100 INR you will get = 0.00045 CVC

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