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Voyager Token Price (VGX)


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About Voyager Token

Voyager describes itself as an investor-friendly crypto-asset broker. The Voyager Smart Order Router offers users access to the crypto-trading market through a connection to over a dozen crypto-exchanges. The price page of Voyager Token for the top cryptocurrencies is part of the Price Index, which includes pricing history, price ticker, market cap and live charts.

Voyager Token Price INR History

Time Price in INR Change in %
2021-06-01 186.04 -0.05%
2021-01-01 11.87 -15.45%
2020-12-01 11.74 -15.63%
2020-06-01 3.38 -56.78%
2020-01-01 1.26 -153.99%
2019-12-01 2.01 -96.16%
2019-06-01 15.68 -11.45%
2019-01-01 8.30 -22.53%
2018-12-01 8.71 -21.42%
2018-06-01 164.51 -0.19%
2018-01-01 251.74 0.22%
2017-12-06 97.69 -1.00%
2017-07-30 2.71 -71.06%

Voyager Token Price History and Analysis

Voyager Token Price in India (VGX Price in INR)

VGX is an altcoin with enormous rallies in early 2021. Since VGX is the origin of the crypto-exchange Voyager, which purchases enterprises within it and continually increases usage incentives (including VGX reward) it can make worthwhile investments in both VGX and the Voyager platform themselves.

Voyager Token Price in India (VGX to INR) in 2020

From January to July, the price of the VGX token remained in the range of 1 to 10 INR. On August 8, an all-time high of 17.45 INR was recorded.

Voyager Token Price in India (VGX to INR) in 2021

From the year beginning the price increased abruptly from 10 INR to 200 INR. On 26th February an all-time high price of 512.22 INR was recorded. This surge is similar to that of the 2018 rally of the VGX token.

Voyager Token Features


Dynamic Smart Order of Voyager Router searches the best possible price for several exchanges. In order to maximise pricing in fragmented and crossed crypto markets, Voyager is connected to an increasing number of exchanges and liquidity providers.


In order to achieve superior performance, your order could need to be routed to multiple exchanges or liquidity providers depending on the size. Whilst handling the rest, you can worry about trading.


Voyager performs and settles business in milliseconds so you can maximise your profitability.

1 VGX to INR

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Current Price of 1 VGX = ₹600,000 INR
For ₹100 INR you will get = 0.00045 VGX

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