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Stratis is a Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) Platform, created to provide solutions for corporations in the financial sector that want to enjoy the benefits of Blockchain technology. Stratis allows companies to create their custom blockchain applications with the features they require, making the development process simpler and accelerating the development lifecycle for blockchain projects.
The development and marketing of the Stratis Platform event started on June, 21st and ended in July 26th, 2016.The Team Includes Chris Trew is the CEO and the founder of Stratis.
He is a consultant, architect, and technologist with over ten years of experience in enterprise IT, Nicolas Dorier is a Bitcoin lover at heart but started with Chris on Stratis because of its novel idea.
He singlehandedly developed the Bitcoin core for Stratis in C# language in just two years.Dan Gershony is a Stratis blockchain developer. He has over ten years of development experience on the MS stack, mainly in C# dot NET.Jeremy Bokobza is a Stratis blockchain developer.
He is a software developer with a thorough and extensive knowledge of dot NET technologies and architecture, as well as C# development. Pieterjan Vanhoof is a Stratis blockchain developer. He has extensive experience as a full-stack dot NET developer. During this time, the project amassed a total of 915 Bitcoin, currently worth around $675 thousand. Since the end of the ICO, the Stratis token (STRAT) has performed distinctively well on the price charts, growing over 705% in price.
During the first five days of the ICO, investors enjoyed a 20% bonus that was gradually reduced until it reached zero in the last 11 days. Nevertheless, the majority of Bitcoin (561 BTC) was gathered during the last day of the ICO. A total of 98 million coins were distributed after the ICO. 85.7% of Stratis tokens (84,000,000) were allocated to ICO investors, while the remaining 14.3% (14,000,000) were kept by the core team for development, marketing, partnerships, and incentives programs.
Cross-platform integration:
The Stratis platform does not offer some of the features found in alternative blockchain frameworks, such as Ethereum’s method of handling smart contracts. Instead of building the same features directly into Stratis, the platform is built to be compatible with other blockchain frameworks, like Ethereum, so that customers can make use of multiple frameworks within the Stratis ecosystem.
Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS):
Stratis wants to lead the way in terms of corporate adoption of blockchain technology. By employing a subscription model, the Stratis platform plans to offer businesses an easy-to-use blockchain solution for databases and cloud computing.
Blockchain consultancy:
Part of the Stratis business model extends beyond software development and into consulting services.
businesses interested:
Stratis offers expertise to businesses interested in learning how to implement and leverage the blockchain to improve their workflow, security and data management practices.
Future of STRAT in the World.
Stratis started to trade on August 12, 2016 and carries the ticker STRAT. The cryptocurrency is currently the top twelve largest digital currencies and has a market capitalization of around $500,000,000. It is attracting more companies to its blockchain-as-a-service platform and that is reflected in the market value of the stratis token. Stratis is a relatively new cryptocurrency.There are hundreds of competing cryptocurrencies in the market, striving to gain adoption into the crypto-age. Stratis is one of the few cryptocurrencies to be adopted and implemented very fast by almost all recognized cryptocurrency exchange.
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