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Price of 1 SC ~ 600,000 INR
For 100 INR you will get 0.00045 SC

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What is Siacoin ?

Siacoin is the cryptocurrency developed to use the Sia platform. Sia permits its users to store data across a wide network in a secure, private, reliable and fault-tolerant manner. Siacoin is an inflationary currency uses a proof of work scheme. Siacoin, uses a blockchain enforced contract where a user can request file storage services from a host.

History of Siacoin ?

Sia, as a concept was first come into mind of at HackMIT, an annual student-run hackathon in 2013. David Vorick is co-founder and CEO of Sia. It was determined by Nebulous development team which contains a core team of five industry people.It was officially launched in June of 2015; it is now backed by Boston-based firm Nebulous Inc., whose self-proclaimed mantra is: ‘Re-decentralizing the Internet.

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