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Price of 1 REN ~ 600,000 INR
For 100 INR you will get 0.00045 REN

Buy Ren in India

The value of REN is increasing rapidly because of the recent rise in price. The industrial investors are coming forward to save coins in wallet as REN. The growth rate of REN in India for a week is 17.5% and for a year is 746.5%. Ethereum is interoperable with REN as it boosts it. REN is a decentralized finance which goes hand in hand with Ethereum which has inter- block chain liquidity. You can buy REN directly in India through BuyUcoin, and also there is a will there's way!As,you can buy Bitcoin using your credit card or debit card and exchange your bitcoins in REN instantly.You can exchange Bitcoins in BuyUcoin globally where Ledger,BRD,My Ether and Trust are some of the compatible REN wallets.

What is Ren ?

Formally known as the Republic protocol, it evolved consistently to solve the drawback of Ethereum as it interacts with other block-chain networks where some sort of delay is experienced. REN works with REN Virtual Machine(RenVM) which has seamless movement over assets as it is a decentralized secure network of virtual computers. REN is a token that is used with REN Virtual machine environment that has two functions: The first function of REN is that it pays off the trading fees for any such orders made in RenVM.The second function is that it pays bonds to the Registrar which is a smart contract in Ren ecosystem for privacy over transaction namely., Darknodes. It enables enhanced interoperability features, collateralization,cross-chain lending, unparalleled privacy evolving towards the future of public block-chain as this protocol is completely based on the DeFi project.

History of Ren ?

The founders of REN are Taiyang Zhang and Loong Wang. They studied together in Australian National University and started up their work together after completing their graduation.Together, they started up their own software company where Zhang helped out one of his friends to create a program for trading algorithms which introduced Virgil Capital with Zhang as the co-founder. The openness of crypto currency blockchain like Bitcoin makes de-centralization impossible as it is carried out with a centralized third party.Price volatility from speculative traders is faced during large transactions.All these drawbacks were noticed by these young budding developers as they came forward with a solution named as REN.

What is REN Mining?

It is also called as renBTC Liquidity Mining on Loopring Exchange. Traders will be automatically eligible to get their share of $2K USD in renBTC rewards.Traders can track their rewards in every hour for almost 30 days in real time.You can also trade with ready built-bot using Loopring’s Hummingbotfork.renBTC is also supported on Loopring Pay UPI which is more user-friendly. Loopring and REN has collaborated recently for the functionalities of mining and enhanced exchanges.As Ethereum and DeFi continue to bloom day by day new financial tools and market structures are also coming into existence.REN has high Transaction Per Second(TPS),low cost without gas and 100% Ethereum self custodial security.

What is REN halving?

While BTC and ETH continue to face low volatility the decentralized assets try to gain the attention of crypto investors because of its high rate and impressive growth of their network activity and security.The average volume for REN in July is notably 588,up +36% in June,+181% in May and +332% in April where the growth has abrupt lift. Retail holders are experiencing strong growth from the rally of DeFi namely REN,LEND,KNC and much more. REN halving is nothing but the total number of coins that miners get for adding up exclusive transactions to the network of Blockchain that is being cutted into half for every 210,000 blocks until the very last coin is being mined in 2140.

REN Price and Trade analysis

As REN’s price history may not seem to be vibrant and remarkable compared to other crypto coins,this prediction is not sufficient for futuristic changes for forecasting its correct value after some years to come.The value of any asset or wallet coin’s value are dynamic as it is completely based on the working of it. REN is somehow predictable as it has a fairly diagnostic price history over the days.It became available for Trading from February 2018,where the price initially dropped from 8 cents USD to 3 cents USD within the first three months where again it showed a drastic growth of 13 cents USD in the month of May 2018 where again it dropped by 1.5 cents in the following year and its pattern is somehow zig zag which increases drastically and decreases a little.As of September1,2020 the price of 1 Republic Protocol(REN)= 4.957518 Indian Rupee(INR).

Why to buy REN in India?

It is the best in hand solution for OTC problem.It is built on Ethereum where it is a ERC-20 Token.OTC markets like Darkpool is one of the platforms where the traders are anonymous and invest there by purchasing and exchanging large amounts of assets.But it is a centralized party even though you stay anonymous. Incase of REN,it is a decentralized finance(De-Fi) with trustless exchange for cryptocurrencies over RenVirtual Machine(RenVM) having Dark Nodes which provides the power of identifying and processing cross-chain crypto currency orders. It works on a complicated algorithm namely “Shamir Secret Sharing Scheme” which cannot be hacked where privacy is guaranteed as unlike Darkpool, Dark Nodes are unaware of the amount and destination of its transaction.

How to buy REN in India?

Step1: Create a BuyUcoin account and get started to earn more Step2: Purchase your first Ren(REN) With INR Step3: Also Use your investment in BTC or ETH for buying REN and keep tracking your investment.

Where to buy REN Token in India from?

After getting started with BuyUcoin account and crypto wallet, exchange your INR with REN Token followed by locating the Republic Protocol. Purchase the Republic protocol and Withdraw it using any compatible wallet for transaction.

Where to sell REN in India?

You can also earn through referrals in some platforms which have a pyramid structure.You can also earn through trusted crypto exchange buyucoin that are available in the market for peer to peer exchanges.

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