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Qtum (Quantum) is an open source, decentralized project that aims to capitalize on the success of Bitcoin. Qtum is a project for the creation of a public blockchain with an open source code, combining the technologies of Bitcoin and Ethereum. .Qtum is a blockchain technology and cryptocurrency designed to facilitate the interoperability of major cryptocurrencies. QTUM is making smart contracts easier and more secure while offering interoperability with leading cryptocurrencies

History Of Qtum

Founded: 2016 by Patrick Dai

  • March 2017: Crowdsale of Qtum took place (51 Million Qtum-token got sold)
  • June 2017:  first testnet was released
  • September 2017: Qtum released its mainnet (application-platform)

  • Features of Qtum

  • Qtum is an open source Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain application platform.
  • Compatibility layer for Ethereum Blockchain model, which allows for easy porting of existing Ethereum and Solidity contracts.
  • Ability to manage contracts from mobile wallets without running a full node.
  • Ethereum Virtual Machine running on the Bitcoin UTXO model.
  • Oracles and datafeeds built on top of the Ethereum Virtual Machine.
  • Most existing tools built for Bitcoin and some BIPs will continue to be compatible with Qtum blockchain.
  • Blackcoin's Proof Of Stake 3.0, which ensures efficiency and security.

  • Future of Qtum

    As the number of cryptocurrencies increases, users become overwhelmed. Qtum brings these together to create a truly superior platform.The incorporation of human-readable agreements into smart contracts is yet another reason that makes Qtum one of the most currencies moving forward. This unique feature bring together the business world and the blockchain community together in a very cohesive platform.

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