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$PAC is a 3rd generation cryptocurrency, which was created by forking the popular DASH Currency. PAC is designed to be a community governed coin meant for Charity and Social Innovation. It has powerful features like PrivateSend and InstantSend (~1.7Secs), enabled by masternodes to provide extra layer of privacy making transaction value significantly obscure to trace. Also, dual Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Service (PoS) design, also x11 algorithm for high energy-efficiency, compared to other altcoins, and makes it minable even using semi-decent computers, and not just ASICs.


The old Paccoin, which was a fork of PEERCOIN, and used to be in 'Top 50 coins of CoinMarketCap', was infamous for causing so much surge in demand that it literally crashed the servers of Cryptopia (a popular cryptocurrency exchange of New Zealand), due to record 1 million new registrations requests. They had no option but to freeze the trading of PAC to cut off the demand, and soon other exchanges like TradeSatoshi and YoBit followed suit, freezing old PAC trading and new registrations itself. This led to more than 90% of PAC trading stopping overnight, and fall of market cap of old PAC from around $1.5 billion in November 2017 to a mere $97 million by Feb 2018. PAC further went through Redemption Coin Offering (RCO) period in which the old Paccoin was replaced by the new $PAC, and it is still awaiting market correction from the fall in value, which would happen speculatively in the next few months.


Fast Transactions:

It has powerful features like PrivateSend and InstantSend (~1.7Secs)


Dual proof of work (POW) and proof of service (POS)

Future of PACCOIN in the World.

Keeping to its non-profit objectives, $PAC has been adopted as the primary coin for one of the largest non profit Crypto project called CRYPTO CUCUTA, started by David Hay, to onboard the compete refugee population of Cucuta (Colombia) and Venezuela to Cryptocurrency because of extreme hyper inflation and their native currency losing all its value. $PAC has also partnered with Hilton Hotels as primary crypto based payment partner. Very recently, $PAC had a strategic partnership with Crypto Payment Network - Offering PAC to FIAT merchant settlements, $PAC Debit Cards & Fully integrated point of sale solutions.

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