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Nxt is an open source cryptocurrency and payment network  that uses proof-of-stake to verify the transactions to overcome the security risk. A new feature 'Transparent Forging' is implemented by Nxt that allow to approach Visa/Mastercard rates of transactions. The transparency provided in the protocol allows each client to determine which node is going to generate the next block and Other nodes can then send their transactions directly to that node. This also allows additional fees to be realized for immediate, priority transactions.

HISTORY OF NXT ’s member BCNext created a forum thread and launched the Nxt as a second generation cryptocurrency On 28 September 2013 and On 18 November 2013 fund raising for Nxt was closed and during the fund raising 21 BTC raised. The genesis block was published on 24 November 2013 and it is revealed that 1,000,000,000 coins had been distributed to 73 stakeholders in proportion to their level of contribution and the source code was partially released on 3 January. The full source code was released on 1 March 2014 under the MIIT license.


Nxt Asset Exchange:

The Nxt Asset Exchange is a peer-to-peer exchange built directly into the Nxt software, allowing secure and fast decentralized trading in Nxt Assets. This eliminates the need to transfer assets or to put trust in an outside agency or business

Nxt Arbitrary Messaging:

Transmission of data messages up to 1000 bytes in length from any account to any other account.

Nxt Alias System:

Nxt's Alias System essentially allows one piece of text to be substituted for another. This means that a long, complicated or hard-to-remember string of data can be replaced by a shorter one.

Nxt Transparent Forging:

It allow each user's client to automatically determine who will generate the next block, so that they can then send their transactions to that node. This will also allow additional fees to be realized for immediate/priority transactions.

Future of NXT in the World.

In 2017 Nxt maintained it’s position in top 100 cryptocurrencies even after the tough market competition and market crash issues, It is expected that 2018 and further years will be fruitful and accepted by more and more people was new age money.

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