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Price of 1 KAVA ~ 600,000 INR
For 100 INR you will get 0.00045 KAVA

Buy Kava in India

Kava Token fits into the picture of Crypto as DeFi lending. DeFi lending uses Collateralized Debt-positions(CDP) where you can lock up your crypto coins with smart contracts. You can also get loaned for stable coins in return where you can leverage your existing assets. You can proceed even more further by increasing your exposure by finding a way to buy even more crypto using the stable coins in the wallet which is referred to as Margin Trading. You can also get the original crypto back by exchanging with your current stable coins. You can opt for it as it does not require any identity verification as in KYC,and you can trade with it with enormous profit in hand.

What is Kava ?

It has its own DeFi lending platform with plans to support finance coins like BNB,BTC,XRP and Atom where you can also lock these to mint USDX.It is built on CosmosSDK which makes them highly interoperable.It can also support any popular assets like BTC,ETH or XRP. It is Cosmos enabled which makes them highly effective and more compatible.You can access KAVA through integrated wallets and exchange applications such as Cosmostation,Forbole,Trust wallet and Frontier.Kava platform does everything that Cosmos does and also goes beyond it due to its functionaries like DeFi lending,Stable tokens,Chain link oracle services and etc.

History of Kava ?

It all started in the year 2019 where the release of working MVP of KAVA CDP system was launched followed by the release of public testnet 1.1. They released public testnet 2000 followed by 3000 and launched Mainnet.Beta CDP system was launched for the developers of HackAtom DeFi.Implemented on-chain vesting for validators followed by Public testnet 4000 with Beta CDP system and Bug Bounty Program. In 2020, the upgradation process of Cross-chain assets in CDP system on Mainnet and Integration of both custodial and non-custodial with BTC Peg into the CDP system testnet and also mainnet was implemented successfully. Brain Kerr is the CEO,Ruaridh O’Donnell and Scott Stuart are the Co-founders with Kevin Devis as the Lead Engineer.

What is KAVA Mining?

Kava is the World’s first project for a dedicated De-Fi platform.Kava works using the application of Interledger to join up different blockchain networks where it allows new users to access this KAVA platform of diverse networking. KAVA helps out the wallet users to send their transactions using cross-chain by completing seamless transactions of assets right on their wallets. Kava has a very interesting and professional team with team progress.The team shows high openness with their community of people where if you want to know the information about this project you can jump into the Kava labs telegram group.If you are in need of more general updates from the team they do have an official twitter account. Kava works using the CDP platform by implementing the following steps: Step 1: The Kava platform gets the crypto-currency deposit from user Step 2: The Kava platform accepts the cryptocurrency and locks it by making use of the smart contract as collateral. Step 3: USDX is issued by the smart contract as a stable coin to the user as a form of loan on the basis of crypto currency deposited. Step 4: The user has the complete control to repay the debt,loan incurred and the stability fee at their convenient time by unlocking collateral. Step 5: The USDX stablecoins are burned automatically by the system once the collateral is returned. Step 6: This step is considered to be optional as it occurs only if the debt to collateral ratio falls below the pre-defined threshold.The system will automatically liquidate the collateral inorder to pay back the loan.

What is KAVA halving?

The last Bitcoin halving took place on May 11,2020 and the next halving will likely occur in 2024.During Crypto paid days users who participate will get airdropped $KAVA. Every Wednesday 74k Kava tokens will be distributed to the users who deposit BNB to the kava platform in that week. This goes on for a year and the value is $85K now.If the project goes on as planned, Kava will adopt new assets where the Governance group will vote for Kava inorder to add up the assets. The likely candidates are BTC,XRP or Atom.

Why to buy KAVA Token in India?

The three main use cases and the reasons behind to go for it is because of the following reasons listed: 1. Security: Weighted bounded stake in KAVA tokens validate the top 100 nodes.Validators earn economic incentives in various forms as Kava block rewards and fees for transaction.It is purely based on Strict Slashing Conditions to ensure both uptime and double transactions. 2. Governance: Voting on critical parameters of Collateralized debt position(CDP) system is used in Kava. But this parameter is not limited to the global debt limit and savings rate of USDX 3. Lender of last resort: During the situations of undercollateralized,Kava acts as a reserve currency. Until USDX becomes safely overcollateralized,Kava is used and minted to buy USDX in the market.

How to buy KAVA in India?

Step 1: Signup to the trusted Kava wallet through the website and get started. Step 2: Provide the login credentials of your email and password to create a new account to access your Kava platform Step 3: There will be more than one option to create a wallet choose the one that is accessible easily and compatible for your device Step 4: Your account is created now Step 5: There are more than one ways to deposit your assets choose the right fit Step 6: Once you satisfy the XLM requirement you can easily buy Kava

Where to buy KAVA in India from?

The Kava DeFi platform is backed by industry giants such as BuyUcoin, and others.You can buy KAVA directly with INR and also you can exchange Bitcoins with KAVA using the best exchanger for crypto currency namely BuyUcoin and save KAVA in Trust wallet which is highly compatible for Kava.

How to sell KAVA in India?

Kava can be sold by making use of any one of the crypto exchangers namely.,Bitmax,Binance,Bilaxy,Dragon Ex and etc where both trading and margin trading are supported.

Where to sell KAVA Token in India?

There are many global crypto currency trading platforms offering fast and secure exchange of Kava Token to BTC, BTC to Kava Token and KAVA Token to INR where it can be sold peer to peer transacted and easily monetized.

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