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DigiByte (DGB) is an open source cryptocurrency ,that is running on a decentralised international blockchain – The DigiByte Blockchain.Digibyte is second major cryptocurrency blockchain. DigiByte with a block time of 15 seconds handles up to 560 transactions per second.These are digital assets can’t be hacked or destroyed or hacked.It can be sent over the block Chain and automatically get recorded on public ledger. DigiByte (DGB) is a rapidly growing worldwide decentralized payment network & digital currency,

History Of Digibyte

The DigiByte coin was developed in 2013 and released in January 2014. The first Digibyte block was mined on January 10, 2014. December 2017. DigiByte has a total market cap of over US$135 million.It is the longest public blockchain in existence.

Features of Digibyte

Features that distinguish it from other cryptocurrencies. The Digibyte protocol is not just about sending money from A to B. It has many features

  • Security:
    DigiByte mining is much more decentralized. It can be used to prevent the centralization.
  • Speed:
    DigiByte transactions occur much faster .It takes only 1-3 second in transaction notifications and takes only 15seconds in confirmation.
  • Transaction Volume:
    DigiByte handles many transactions per second. DigiByte currently handles 280 transactions per second.
  • Flexibility:
    DigiByte can add new features & upgrades much quicker.

  • Future of Digibyte

    Digibyte DGB is good coin for long term holder .It very cheaper to acquire.Beacuse of its features of speed,security it is becoming popular among the users and is a rapidly growing with a focus on cyber security, payments & secure communications. The DigiByte Blockchain is a transparent global ledger used in many industries and applications.

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