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Singularitynet Price AGIX-INR

₹ 63.89

Current Price

Singularitynet Price Chart in INR

  • Day
  • Week
  • Month

Last Price ▲ 4.94 %

₹ 63.89

24h High

₹ 66.44 

24h Low

₹ 60.54

24h Vol

₹ 25907030409


Instant Buy

Current Price of 1 AGIX = 600,000 INR
For 100 INR you will get = 0.00045 AGIX

Singularitynet Price History in INR

  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
Time Price in INR Change in %
25-02-2024 ₹ 66.63 +11.05%
24-02-2024 ₹ 60 -0.78%
23-02-2024 ₹ 60.472 +2.49%
22-02-2024 ₹ 59 +34.09%
21-02-2024 ₹ 44 +0.92%
20-02-2024 ₹ 43.6 +10.71%
19-02-2024 ₹ 39.382 0
Time Price in INR Change in %
25-02-2024 ₹ 66.63 +35.05%
24-02-2024 ₹ 49.336 +81.46%
17-02-2024 ₹ 27.189 +10.52%
10-02-2024 ₹ 24.6 +6.96%
03-02-2024 ₹ 23 +2.81%
27-01-2024 ₹ 22.371 -6.00%
20-01-2024 ₹ 23.8 0
Time Price in INR Change in %
02-2024 ₹ 33.7 +42.17%
01-2024 ₹ 23.704 -13.28%
12-2023 ₹ 27.333 0

About Singularitynet (AGIX)

Market Cap Rank


Cardano and Ethereum both offer native support for the AGIX coin. The project team may decide to support additional blockchains in the future. SingularityNET primarily uses AGIX for staking, governance, and DApp transactions. By casting votes on suggestions for any alterations or changes in direction to the protocol, holders of AGIX tokens can also take part in the platform's governance.

Built on the Cardano network, AGIX, also known as SingularityNET, is an AI project based on blockchain. Dr. Ben Goertzel, a prominent cognitive scientist and pioneer in AI research, founded it and it debuted in 2017. The project's long-term goal is to open source Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) through the creation of a decentralised AI marketplace.

What is SingularityNET (Agix)?

AGIX is a multi-chain token compatible with Ethereum and Cardano. AGIX powers SingularityNET's ecosystem. Token holders also have the ability to influence governance decisions made by the SingularityNET organisation.

Blockchain is being used by SingularityNET to provide access to artificial intelligence models. It acts as a bridge between global AI services. Developers make their services available to the SingularityNET network so that anyone can use them. Using the native AGIX token, developers can charge for the use of their services. Through the Staking interface, owners of SingularityNET's native AGIX token can strengthen the project.

Who created SingularityNET (Agix)?

Dr. Ben Goertzel and Dr. David Hanson, two computer scientists, founded SingularityNET (Agix).

How does Agix work?

The Anyone with a cryptocurrency wallet can access SingularityNET's AI marketplace, which is genuinely decentralised. Visitors can peruse the diverse AI marketplace and view a product demonstration. If the consumer wants to use the solution after the demo, all they have to do is connect their cryptocurrency wallet and pay AGIX for the AI service. When a technology is ready, AI developers can opt to use an AI publisher to put it on the market.

Earn Free Singularitynet

Agix Price Prediction

Singularitynet Price Today in India is ₹ 63.89 with a 24-hour trading volume of ₹25,90,70,30,409. In the last 24 hours, AGIX-INR price has increased by 4.94%. Singularitynet CoinMarketCap rank is 91. The circulation supply of Singularitynet is 1,25,65,96,782.68247AGIX coins, with maximum circulating supply being unlimited.

Agix price prediction 2024

The price of SingularityNET AGIX Coin should rise considerably more in 2024, maybe hitting $1.12 or higher. This estimate is predicated on the knowledge that when traditional financial institutions encounter obstacles and constraints, demand for digital currencies will only increase. Additionally, SingularityNET Coin's value may rise significantly due to technological breakthroughs and the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies by authorities and institutions.

Agix price history 2021-2023

AGI, the original native coin of SingularityNET, was limited to Ethereum compatibility. 2018 saw the token's debut in January. The platform declared in 2021 that the AGI token will be replaced with the new AGIX token, which is intended to work with Cardano as well. SingularityNET switched entirely to the new AGIX token by the middle of 2021.

AGIX's cost increased gradually. It increased gradually to more than $0.60 by September of that year. The token's fortunes were turned around after that. In mid-July 2022, the token dropped to roughly $0.035 from September 2021. AGIX has either been steady or has seen very slight increases since that time. Singularitynet AGIX has so far enjoyed success in 2023, thanks in part to a booming AI industry and a buoyant market. Agix's performance soars to new heights in 2023 as the cryptocurrency market as a whole starts to recover from the protracted negative events of 2022.

Is Agix a good investment in 2024?

By holding AGIX, token holders can also utilise it as a governance token and stake their tokens. Participants can vote on SingularityNet Improvement Proposals using the DAO. The AI marketplace is SingularityNET's central component. This unique platform allows users to peruse cutting-edge AI solutions and select any desired AI service by paying a fee in AGIX. By using SingularityNET's bridge to move their tokens from the Ethereum blockchain to Cardano, users can also choose to pay AGIX using Cardano.

In light of several technical quantitative indicators, the current SingularityNET forecast for 2024 is neutral. This may suggest that SingularityNET is a worthwhile investment in 2024. The long-term price prediction for SingularityNET is shown below, providing insight into AGIX's potential future value.

Agix has a strong potential of recovering its prior popularity if the market improves. Price forecasts indicate that while Agix prices may appear positive at the moment, they could reach $3.48 by 2024. If you are an experienced investor who likes to make long-term investments, Agix is an excellent choice.

Singularitynet Features


A variety of blockchains and network infrastructures will be able to communicate with the network. Regardless of the underlying technology they utilise, AI agents and customers can transact in an efficient manner thanks to the AGIX token.

Gas fees

AGIX is utilised as a gas token to cover the cost of the computing power needed to carry out platform transactions and smart contract execution. This guarantees the network's continued security and efficiency.


AGIX acts as a vehicle for incentives, paying users and developers for their involvement, contributions, and use of the platform. This includes incentives for creating AI services, enhancing the network, or taking part in neighbourhood projects.

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Instant Buy

Current Price of 1 AGIX = 600,000 INR
For 100 INR you will get = 0.00045 AGIX

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