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About Nano

Nano is a digital payment protocol that is built to be open and lightweight, focusing on reducing inefficiencies in other cryptocurrencies. This makes Nano perfect for daily transactions with extremely rapid transactions and zero fees for a stable, green and decentralized network. Nano uses the Block Lattice, a data structure where their own blockchain is controlled by individual accounts. This enables blocks to be quickly added and sent to the network to be confirmed without conflict. Nano gives open access to anyone in the world who wants to instantly, without fees and in an environmentally friendly way transfer value. it support the growth of the secure decentralized network through several other organisations, companies and advocates, including. It was founded by Colin LeMahieu (Founder & CEO), George Coxon (Chief Operating Officer), Adam Edwards (General Counsel), Andy Johnson (Communications Manager), Zach Hyatt (Project Manager). The Nano Foundation consists of highly motivated and qualified individuals from different disciplines who are responsible for working towards the continued development and growth of Nano.

Nano Price INR History

Time Price in INR Change in %
2020-06-03 66.92 -4.49%
2019-06-02 66.24 -4.54%
2018-06-01 69.19 -4.31%
2018-05-31 67.86 -4.41%
2018-05-30 67.81 -4.41%
2018-05-29 67.24 -4.46%

Nano Price History and Analysis

Nano Price in India (NANO Price in INR)

BuyUcoin has recently listed Nano coins on its exchange, where you can now buy and sell Nano in INR directly. Whether you want to buy Nano in India or you want to sell Nano in India. The most secure and safest platform in India is BuyUcoin. It is the best Indian Exchange which offers NANO to INR trading pairs. It is India’s most secure, dedicated, User friendly and trusted digital exchange. At BuyUCoin you can not only buy/ sell NANO in inr but also more than 40+ cryptocurrencies and It follows payment industry best practices with strict KYC-AML policies because of these features BuyUCoin become a leader in Indian cryptocurrency Market of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Nano price in India (NANO to INR) in 2017

When the Nano was launched, it was priced between 2-15 INR in January 2017 and December 2017. In January the price was 2.10 INR and 2,367,459 INR volumes were available in the trading market. On 30 December 2017 the price increased at 775.36 INR and volume available in world crypto trading markets was 1,631,375,170 INR to NANO.

Nano price in India (NANO to INR) in 2018

On 2nd January 2018 the nano price was 2,138.51 INR and trading volume available for crypto traders was 6,539,464,946 INR. On 31 December 2018, its price fell to 65 INR and the available trading volume in the market was 93,503,208 INR.

Nano price in India (NANO to INR) in 2019

On 1st January, 2019, Bitcoin rose with a slow from INR 61.38 and by 24th June, 2019 it reached the highest rate of INR 135.05. By the end of the 2019 Year on 31st Dec it again slid back to INR 48.20.

Nano price in India (NANO to INR) in 2020

On 1st January, 2020 Bitcoin price moved back from INR 46.71 and reached the top price on June 18th at INR 95.03.

Nano Features

Fee-less - Nano is fee-less, making it practical and inclusive for everyone in the world.

Eco-friendly - Without relying on mining, printing or minting, Nano is sustainable digital money.

The transactions made using bitcoin take less time and less cost is used as compare to other payment system

Instant - Digital money should be quick and easy-to-use, Nano is ready when you are.

Lightweight, stateful blocks

Representatives and Voting

Design Advantages


Price of 1 NANO ~ 600,000 INR
For 100 INR you will get 0.00045 NANO

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