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Iota Price (MIOTA)


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About Iota

IOTA currently ranks 7th in the largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization of $ 11 billion (twice the ICO at launch), making IOTA one of the most exciting platforms in the world. -2018. This article explains what makes IOTA so special, and describes its market, price offer and their details. 2018 will be the most important year for cryptocurrencies. Many of the new platforms are trying to solve the biggest problems with Blockchain technology, and IOTA is one of them. Their ICO took place in November 2015. The IOTA team decided to create their own cryptocurrency technology instead of using or patching up the blockchain. IOTA is a cryptocurrency that has no transaction fees and does not require miners to process transactions. However, a particular processing power is required to submit a transaction, making it ideal for machines to use them as currency and a distributed IoT protocol. The main goal of IOTA - to solve some major problems with Blockchain technology, the main of which is that the more Blockchain (such as Bitcoin), the slower it is, more expensive, and even more restricts it from the actual transfer of funds. Another problem with Blockchain is size, because more and more blocks are added, the longer Blockchain runs, the fewer computers will be able to accept it. Currently BTC is over 150GB long and the same ETH. If this size is increased tenfold, few computers will be able to dig it. Which makes them relatively centralized (2 bitcoin mining pools occupy about 56% of the hashing power).

Iota Price INR History

Time Price in INR Change in %
2020-09-07 0.282499 -231.18%
2020-09-06 0.286635 -227.83%
2020-09-05 0.262877 -248.51%
2020-09-04 0.288907 -226.03%
2020-09-03 0.274736 -237.74%
2020-09-02 0.338504 -192.76%

Iota Price History and Analysis

Iota Price in India (MIOTA Price in INR)

IOTA is not developed with the computer programming language Turing, such as ETH, and therefore has no reasonable contracts, nor will it be likely that other startups will create ICOs entirely based on their platform. The idea is that due to the fact that IOTA does not require transactions, machines can use their computing power + internet connection to be able to use IOTA as a decentralized communication system. In addition machines could use this as a currency to transfer funds to goods or services they distribute, such as sensor data, control and machine management. Thus, IOTA specializes in low-power processors that are primarily used to run IoT hardware. IOTA raised 434,000 during their ICO, which ran from 24 November 2015 to 20 December 2015. This was an impressive achievement, despite the 4,434,000 appearing a small amount by today's standards. At the end of 201, ICOs were still relatively new, and people still don't believe in them as much as they do today. This indicates that as of January 2, 2018, their current limit is more than 11 billion. It has almost doubled in the last 4 months, so the currency is definitely working well. It is also the 7th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, calculated by multiplying the number of tokens by the value of each token. It shows the total amount spent in dollars to buy the currency.

IOTA price in India (MIOTA to INR) in March 2018

In March 2018, the price of IOTA (MIOTA) was Rs. 46.342and volume of Rs. 5635815.56 with market cap of Rs. 367284518

IOTA price in India (MIOTA to INR) in Dec 2018

In December 2018, the price of IOTA was Rs. 3.65 and volume of Rs. 5639657.11 with market cap of Rs. 303811792

IOTA Token price in India (MIOTA to INR) in Jan 2019

In January 2019, the price of IOTA Token was Rs. 7.92 and volume of Rs. 657482 with market cap of Rs. 198003647

IOTA Token price in India (MIOTA to INR) in Dec 2019

In December 2019, the price of IOTA Token was Rs. 63.05 and volume of Rs. 768352987 with market cap of Rs. 1.46004776e10

MIOTA price in India (IOTA to INR) in Jan 2020

In January 2020, the price of MIOTA was Rs. 83.54 and volume of Rs. 26547854.5 with market cap of Rs. 1.38470296e10

MIOTA price in India (IOTA to INR) in Aug 2020

In August 2020, the price of MIOTA was Rs. 543.755 and volume of Rs. 7.67395638e9 with market cap of Rs. 4.57158976e10

Iota Features

IOTA is a surprisingly ambitious and interesting project. If successful, this will not only lower the price of bitcoin, but will likely become one of the cryptocurrencies that should be made useless. A large number of questionnaires related to the technical feasibility, uncertainty and lack of an open source coordinator, and if it is large.

The IoT aspect The IoT is also very interesting. An interesting proposition is to sell the machine the ability to trade goods for information, services and profits through a network without transactions.

We also have reservations about the ternary IoT processor system. Why not choose binary system Rs. Could this be due to the fact that their CEO David Santebe has experience in developing this type of processor, and so there may be some biases Rs. We are not sure.

It is still one of the most interesting cryptocurrencies with almost limitless potential. We congratulate the IOTA tokens and their team as they dominate the increasingly competitive cryptocurrency market.


Price of 1 MIOTA ~ 600,000 INR
For 100 INR you will get 0.00045 MIOTA

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