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Injective Price INJ-INR

₹ 2,878.12

Current Price

Injective Price Chart in INR

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Last Price ▾ -0.27%

₹ 2,878.12

24h High

₹ 2,889.5 

24h Low

₹ 2,789.31

24h Vol

₹ 7287897540

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Current Price of 1 INJ = 600,000 INR
For 100 INR you will get = 0.00045 INJ

Injective Price History in INR

  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
Time Price in INR Change in %
25-02-2024 ₹ 2,953 +3.51%
24-02-2024 ₹ 2,853 -2.39%
23-02-2024 ₹ 2,923 -0.81%
22-02-2024 ₹ 2,947 -2.00%
21-02-2024 ₹ 3,007 -5.26%
20-02-2024 ₹ 3,174 -2.46%
19-02-2024 ₹ 3,254 0
Time Price in INR Change in %
25-02-2024 ₹ 2,953 -3.18%
24-02-2024 ₹ 3,050 +1.57%
17-02-2024 ₹ 3,003 +5.55%
10-02-2024 ₹ 2,845 -6.07%
03-02-2024 ₹ 3,029 +6.24%
27-01-2024 ₹ 2,851 -13.13%
20-01-2024 ₹ 3,282 0
Time Price in INR Change in %
02-2024 ₹ 2,961 -5.25%
01-2024 ₹ 3,125 +0.35%
12-2023 ₹ 3,114 0

About Injective (INJ)

Market Cap Rank


A blockchain designed specifically for finance is called Injective. Next-generation DeFi applications, including decentralised spot and derivatives exchanges, prediction markets, lending protocols, and more, are powered by an open, interoperable layer-one blockchain.

Applications can utilise the potent fundamental financial infrastructure primitives that Injective offers in a unique way, such as a fully decentralised on-chain order book that is resistant to MEVs.

What Is Injective?

Injective Labs, formed by Eric Chen in 2018, is the company that created Injective. A decentralised exchange (DEX) called Injective Protocol (INJ) facilitates trading in derivatives, FX futures, and cross-chain margin.

As a Layer 2 application, the Injective Protocol is constructed on the Cosmos blockchain. Through the use of cross-chain bridges, the protocol enables traders to access cryptocurrencies on sites like Polkadot and Ethereum.

An automated market maker (AMM) formula is not used by Injective Protocol to control liquidity. Rather, Injective employs the order book concept, which has been extensively employed by centralised stock and cryptocurrency exchanges for many years. By doing this, Injective hopes to combine the transparency of decentralised exchanges with the efficiency of traditional finance.

Who Created Injective coin?

Injective was created by Injective Labs, which was founded in 2018 by Eric Chen. November 2021 saw the mainnet launch the Injective Protocol connected with the $120 million Astro protocol incentive programme.

How does Injective coin Work?

A layer 1 (base layer) protocol called Injective was developed on Cosmos, a blockchain network that competes with Ethereum. Cosmos protocols operate on separate blockchains with their own group of validators, in contrast to Ethereum. A decentralised exchange including spot trading, futures, perpetual swaps (a futures contract that never expires), and other services is powered by the blockchain. There is a minimum trading cost of 0.1% for makers and 0.2% for takers.

Tendermint, a Byzantine-Fault Tolerant algorithm that functions even in the event that one-third of validators turn nefarious, is the foundation of Injective's consensus mechanism. Additionally, the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol is compatible with Injective. As a result, Injective can speak with other chains that are compatible with IBC. Token holders of ERC-20 can exchange their holdings on Injective over an Ethereum token bridge.

The platform's governance token is called INJ. Voting by holders allows proposals to update the protocol's software, choose new market listings, and modify the parameters of the decentralised exchange module. At first, the coin was made available as an ERC-20 token. Holders will be able to exchange the tokens for native INJ currencies over the Ethereum bridge on the platform upon the mainnet launch on Cosmos.

Earn Free Injective

Injective Price Prediction

Injective Price Today in India is ₹ 2,878.12 with a 24-hour trading volume of ₹7,28,78,97,540. In the last 24 hours, INJ-INR price has decreased by -0.27%. Injective CoinMarketCap rank is 39. The circulation supply of Injective is 8,83,92,222.33INJ coins, with maximum circulating supply being unlimited.

Injective Coin Price Prediction 2024

The native cryptocurrency of the Injective blockchain is called Injective coin (INJ). You have the option to pay transaction fees, vote in the Injective decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), or stake your INJ coins to increase your return. Developing decentralised applications on the Injective blockchain is another way to gain INJ tokens. Based on the Injective projection, it is projected that the coin could fluctuate between $65.04 and $73.10. Concurrently, it is hypothesised that the average price of the INJ coin may be $59.57.

INJ Coin Price History 2023

In October 2020, when INJ first launched, its value was $0.77. On April 30, 2021, the token reached its highest point of $25.01 concurrently with the peak of the cryptocurrency market. For the remainder of 2021, the token's price fluctuated but mostly declined. INJ hit all-time lows of $1.55 in May 2022, a further decline.

Even though its price wasn't as high, INJ's market cap peaked in November 2021 at $590 million, up from its April top of $521 million, thanks to its deflationary measure (more on that later).

When INJ's token plummeted in May 2022, its market capitalization dropped to roughly $120 million. Likewise, Injective's total valued locked (TVL) plummeted from February 2022 highs of $182 million to $64 million in June 2022.

The first step in pushing the cryptocurrency markets upward is to stop hiking interest rates and begin lowering them. The bull run has not yet begun, and by the end of 2023, The price of INJs increased to a new all-time high of $34.60 last week, marking an almost 2,700% rise in 2023. Cryptocurrency token prices—including those of the INJ token—are probably going to stay unchanged due to the Fed's hint that one more rate hike may come by the end of the year.

Is Injective Coin a Good Investment in 2024?

Injective is a great investment with a wide range of applications. Additionally, injective has a wide range of real-world uses. Their cooperation with thousands of other initiatives has placed them at the forefront of the ongoing blockchain revolution. The platform is therefore made with the future in mind. INJ Token is a long-term project with great potential thanks to a distinctive strategy and supportive community.

Injective Exchange traders use INJ coins to pay conventional market maker and taker fees, rather than network petrol fees for each transaction. Injective’s Proof of Stake-based blockchain is powered by INJ coins, which also function as the platform’s governance token and staking mechanism.

Injective Features

Smart Contracts Capabilities

Open and interoperable blockchain. Specifically optimized for DeFi (Decentralized Finance) applications.

Supports smart contracts for decentralized application development.

Consensus Mechanism

Utilizes Tendermint Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism for secure and efficient operation.

Native Token - INJ

INJ is the native token of the Injective ecosystem.

Enables community members

Enables community members to participate in various activities:

1. Governance decisions.

2. Validation processes.

3. Burn auctions and other ecosystem functions.

Should I Buy Injective in India with BuyUcoin?

BuyUcoin users can buy and sell Injective through various payment methods we provide. It’s quick, simple, and safe. BuyUcoin is an exchange platform where consumers can swap digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, Dogecoin and over 150 other cryptocurrencies. In addition, when you sign up, you will be rewarded with free Bitcoin worth INR 100.

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1 INJ to INR

Instant Buy

Current Price of 1 INJ = 600,000 INR
For 100 INR you will get = 0.00045 INJ

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