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Bitcoin Rate in India & EZ Profit Made

Time Bitcoin Rate Amount Saved
2020-08-31 903628.8 2168.7 INR
2020-08-30 903605.7 2168.65
2020-08-29 902630.4 2166.3
2020-08-28 902492.1 2165.9
2020-08-27 902315.5 2165.5
2018-08-26 901977.6 2164.7

Bitcoin Rate in India and How EZ Platform Can Save Millions on Bulk Buy

Bitcoin rate in India (BTC-INR)

Progressive change in technology has been one of the constants for everyone. It has left footprints of impact on the changing generations. Consequently, technology has got some control over our daily life routines.

India has witnessed several changes in currency be it change in texture, pattern, size, metal, and so on, since the establishment of empires and the ruling of emperors. The same was the talk of the town before the advent of the digital revolution. The entire scenario has been changed with the touch of digitisation. For your information, the currency now also has the option of digital form. The digital currency is popularly known to the world as cryptocurrency.

The first cryptocurrency to be out in the public was bitcoin (BTC) in 2009. Bitcoin in 2013 became a hot topic in India. The rate of bitcoin has been in the changing phase since the beginning. It had started with zero figure but in 2010 it reached around $0.39. Today, the cost is tremendously high as compared to its price in its early days. In INR, it is Rs 8,64,454.19 in India today. The rate keeps changing on a daily basis according to the highs and lows in the market space. According to, predictably, the average price would be Rs 836345 for September. At the end of the month, the BTC would amount to approximately Rs 8,28,797 seeking a change of 3.5% decrease.

Bitcoin has occupied a sizeable place in the cryptocurrency trading. Its monetary value is the highest of all the altcoins. By 2024, it is forecasted that its value would look something like Rs 22,95,435, which is more than twice its current amount.

In the coming future, BTC is going to be a more frequent way of trading in the market and more profoundly penetrating.

How EZ Platform can help you save millions

Lowest Trading Fess on Direct Buy/Sell of Bitcoin (BTC-INR) & other altcoins.

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Are there any hidden charges at BuyUcoin EZ Platform?

No, Enjoy a limited period offer with no commission fee & No Hidden Charges!

How To Direct Buy/Sell Bitcoin?

One-Click Trade is Enabled in EZ Platform with Bitcoin Rate in INR at Real-Time.

How To Trade Crypto Without KYC?

You can trade up to 10,000 INR value of crypto without KYC using BuyUcoin EZ Platform