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Eos Price (EOS)


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About Eos

EOS is the basic digital currency of the blockchain protocol. EOS is a relatively new player launched in 2017, but ICO has more than $ 4 billion in June 2018, according to developer Block. - EOSIO wants to solve the basic problems of Bitcoin and Ethereum. This includes the creation of an open and free platform for fast, secure and decentralized application development. Blockchain development startup claims to be the first to integrate a WebAssemble mechanism into blockchain software. The Block.on initiative replaced EOSIO 2 from scratch to build its own blockchain, which the company claims is 16 times faster than the original EOSIO. But how accurate are these claims? How do EOSIO and EOS perform cryptocurrency projects? Is it safe for global web product development to rely on blockchain and host its various service platforms? We look at these and more in this EOS review. The EOS protocol works similarly to Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store. EOS also supports a web-toolkit used for interface development. In short, EOSIO operates as a smart contract platform and decentralized operating system intended to deploy industrial-scale dopes through the decentralized autonomous corporation model. The Smart Contract platform claims that it will eliminate transaction fees and handle millions of transactions per second. EOS (EOS) is software that introduces a blockchain architecture designed to enable vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications. EOS software provides accounts, authentication, databases, asynchronous communication, and scheduling of applications across multiple CPU cores and / or clusters.

Eos Price INR History

Time Price in INR Change in %
2020-09-02 3.10 -93.77%
2020-09-01 3.48 -83.43%
2020-08-31 3.22 -90.24%
2020-08-30 3.26 -89.12%
2020-08-29 3.13 -92.87%
2020-08-28 3.11 -93.47%

Eos Price History and Analysis

Eos Price in India (EOS Price in INR)

EOS recently conducted research in the cryptocurrency market with some gains in early 2020, rapid recovery in March and strong recovery recovery. When the macro rotation is reversed, energy and time can be measured using the Exponential Moving Average, the volume profile of the viewpoint, ear pivots, pitchforks, and the Ichimoku cloud. Below is the background information from the interview analysis. On the daily chart for the EOS / USD, the March 12 rally surpassed the -34-day and 200-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) following the -34-day moving average. In a few days, this cross can be done once again. The EOS / USD has only had two gold crosses since the start of trading, both of which ended after a strong rally. The Operational Guide for Advanced Equipment (VPVR, horizontal image below) shows strong resistance at USD 80.80 and strong support at USD. 40 2.40 US9 2.9 2 year full examples show performance between US $ 4.50 and US $ 6.75. Also, there is no intimidation or fatigue now. Bitcoins open interest is now 95% long, with high and short interest rates rising slightly over the past month (above the desk, below the count). Short-term interest rate cut in June 2010 BTFinex cut short-term interest rates on the same day. Significant external cost movements will be allowed to become a factor as soon as the long-term condition is lost.

Eos price in India (EOS to INR) in Feb 2018

In Feb 2018 the Market Cap of EOS was ₹1.66457954e9 and the price as higest price of the year ₹106,541,913 and Volume of ₹216,515,353.

Eos price in India (EOS to INR) in Dec 2018

In Dec 2018 the Market Cap of EOS was less than Market Cap of Feb 2018 that is ₹978,829,527 with Price of ₹1.5476 and Volume of ₹107,896,961.

Eos token price in India (EOS to INR) in Jan 2019

In Jan 2019 the Market Cap of EOS Token was ₹176,053,511 and Price of ₹2.1502 and volume of ₹262,544,322.

Eos token price in India (EOS to INR) in Dec 2019

In Dec 2019 the Market Cap of EOS Token was ₹1.9974256e9 and Price of ₹2.4256 which was higest in the end of the year 2019. In Dec 2019 the Volume was ₹155,713,212

Eos price in India (EOS to INR) in Jan 2020

In Jan 2020 the Market Cap price of EOS was increased and was ₹2.38930969e9 with Price of ₹2.8943 and Volume of ₹188,247,328

Eos price in India (EOS to INR) in Aug 2020

In Aug 2020 the Market price and Volume of EOS was ₹3.12457642e10 and ₹8.81185218e9 respectively with Price of ₹25.452

Eos Features

Fast transaction processing: EOS was created to solve such problems as fast transactions - inherent to leading blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

It is also interesting that EOS has shown itself to be attractive. By creating the most versatile DApps development platform, it has enabled any software to create software on any platform using any programming language.

On most blockchain platforms, developers have to pay to submit and create applications on the platform. However, EOS is important for being one of the first free blockchain development platforms.

Here, developers gain access to the EOSIO platform and create as many applications in the language as they want.


Price of 1 EOS ~ 600,000 INR
For 100 INR you will get 0.00045 EOS

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