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Divi Coin Price (DIVI)


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About Divi Coin

The Divi Project with the slogan 'Crypto Made Easy' is a POS blockchain. The organization aims at making cryptocurrencies easy to use and reducing user error for ordinary users. On September 27, 2018, the Divi team opened their blockchain.

The team is known for inventing the multi-level master node idea and is the only master node that can set up with one click from your wallet using the device MOCCI. Divi also has weekly lottery blocks paying 11.

Divi wants to develop a user-friendly 'Chain Lightning' network that it feels would be more accessible than the version of Bitcoin. It will have an integrated management scheme, nuclear swaps.

Divi Coin Price INR History

Time Price in INR Change in %
2021-01-01 2.07 -0.43%
2020-12-01 2.61 -0.13%
2020-06-01 1.98 -0.49%
2020-01-01 0.921027 -2.20%
2019-12-01 0.893001 -2.30%
2019-06-01 0.358171 -7.24%
2019-02-01 0.177771 -15.59%
2018-12-01 0.386649 -6.63%
2018-10-12 0.565884 -4.21%

Divi Coin Price History and Analysis

Divi Coin Price in India (DIVI Price in INR)

Divi is a project aiming to make it easier for the public to use common cryptocurrencies. Divi's 'Smart Wallet' and blockchain make transactions quicker, cheaper, easier to use, safer and less user-sensitive.

A master node network feeds Divi under the cap, and 'MOCCI' has been created, which means a single click installer that can easily participate in the network as a master node for someone with little technical knowledge. The network is guarded further, and the master node participants are encouraged to obtain cryptography in exchange.

Divi Price in India (DIVI to INR) in 2020

In the year 2020, the Divi coin saw a gradual peak with a steady increase. At the beginning of 2020, on February 5, the price was 0.92 INR, but later, on July 15, the price increased to 5.92 INR, which is the highest in the year 2020.

Divi Price in India (DIVI to INR) in 2021

From the beginning of 2021, the price of Divi saw a peak from 2.05 INR on January 1 to 2.59 INR on January 3, which is recorded to be the all-time high of Divi so far in this year. The price remained constant and not saw a huge drop from 1 INR.

Divi Coin Features

Masternodes Made Easy

Our 100% Masternode PoS technology is ahead of anyone else. Anybody who has no technical ability can first construct a master node at home or in the cloud by clicking. It is like Uber for your machine, and anyone can gain income by entering the Divi network and helping it. We create a strong network for DIVI transactions through this technology.

User-Friendly Smart Wallet

We will socialize and humanize financial interactions through a nice user interface with our new blockchain, hiding the 'crypto.' In this 'Smart Wallet,' all 'pain points',, which prevent ordinary people from being excited about cryptocurrencies, are removed.

Mass Adoption of Digital Currencies

We assume cryptocurrencies to replace the existing monetary structures are an irresistible wave. While this phase takes many years, the advantages are unavoidable for users. The technical roadmap and marketing strategy of Divi is planned to take us to the forefront as we generate tens of trillions of dollars of new wealth.


Price of 1 DIVI ~ 600,000 INR
For 100 INR you will get 0.00045 DIVI

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