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About Dentacoin (DCN)

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Dentacoin (DCN) is a newborn coin in the cryptocurrency market. It is the very first Ethereum-based token that is customized designed for the Global Dental Industry to make it easily affordable to users. The main aim of the dentacoin project is to make the quality dental healthcare available at an affordable price to everyone by removing the central authority like insurance companies. It gives the overall authority to users by creating the smart contract directly between the patients and dentist. Dentacoin was founded by Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrakiev-The Member of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, A renowned university lecturer and having more than 25 years experience in financial markets, Philipp Grenzebach (business developer), and Jeremias Grenzebach (core developer) who contributed his 8 years in the blockchain concept and also the development of Ethereum , Zcash etc. and except them there was a core team of 20 members. The concept started in July,2017 with the purchase of a brick and mortar dental clinic in London called “the Dentaprime International Plc. London had the price of $90 million USD with CDN tokens and after that the team planned to expand the concept and implementation of technology in clinics starting in October 2017 when the ICO was launched. The first Partner Dental Clinics implemented the concept of Dentacoin by accepting DCN token as payment and the Patient Loyalty Programs.

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Dentacoin (DCN) Price Prediction

Dentacoin Price Today in India is ₹ 0 with a 24-hour trading volume of ₹0. In the last 24 hours, DCN-INR price has decreased by 0%. Dentacoin CoinMarketCap rank is 457.

DCN price in INR in 2017

On 1stNovember, 2017 the DCN price inIndia was INR 0.00853 and in November 2017 the ICO of Dentacoin ended and the price started fluctuating and after up and down in price at last on 30th November 2017 it reached at DCN to INR 0.004353. During ICO the performance of the dentacoin was best and being motivated from the success the Dentacoin community set the goal of circulating approx. 15 billions DCN. DCN price in INR in December 2017. Overnight there was huge decline in the price of DCN in Indian Market and on 1st December,2017 DCN price in INR was 0.003452 and started growing and in the mid of the December it reached at its highest value of INR 0.04403 but after that the price fluctuated and on 31st dec,2017 it reached at INR 0.03918. In Dec,2017 the price increased by 11% and in 2017 according to market cap Dentacoin grabbed 31st position in the cryptocurrency market.

Dentacoin price in INR in 2018

On 1st Jan,2018 DCN price in India was INR 0.03534 and it followed the market trend and on 7th Jan,2018 it became skyrocket and the price increased by 11% and reached at INR 0.3788 but suddenly it started moving in downward direction and with the negative trend it closed the month of jan,2018 with DCN to INR 0.07997. DCN price in INR in February 2018. On 1st Feb,2018 the price of Dentacoin in rupees was 0.07608 and same down flow was going on in feb closed the month feb,2018 with DCN to INR 0.05119.

Dentacoin price in INR in 2019

On 1st January, 2019, Dentacoin rose with a slow pace from INR 0.00998085 and by 08th January, 2019 it reached the highest rate of INR 0.014135416. By the end of the 2019 Year on 31st Dec it again slid back to INR 0.00107084.

Dentacoin price in INR in 2020

On 1st January, 2020 Bitcoin price moved back from INR 0.00106428 and reached the top price on January 05th at INR 0.00123132 and kept plummeting till 06th April, 2019 valuing at INR 0.00017525 and recovering at INR 0.00038316 on 01st June 2019.

Dentacoin Features

Dentacoin’s main focus is on the Global Dental Industry. It is cryptocurrency that is launched solely for dental industry as a mean for payment as well making dental health affordable to all.

Trusted Platform

It is a blockchain based platform that is to create the optimum market research value for dentists by enabling the patient’s reviews to be published publicly and every review that will be posted will be rewarded with DCN that can be used as payment for future treatments. In short it is giving patient’s benefits by generating way of income.

Dentacare Mobile App

For educating the patients it offers the three-month incentivized gaming programs like appointment reminders, brushing techniques, nutritional guidance and how to maintain proper dental hygiene. Except these things the mobile application has the feature of emergency service for keeping the patients in touch with specialists. In three months users get these features free of cost but after that to maintain their oral health and to take the benefits permanently they purchase it.

DentaVox Opinion Platform

Using this platform that is known as a customer intelligence tool, on giving review on different topics related to dental health the users get rewards. This is useful for dentists, suppliers, manufacturers of dental care products to get connected with users.

Dental Assurance Concept

It makes the direct contact between the dentist and patient possible through blockchain. According to this concept the Dentists are required to perform the job to the best of their abilities and patients are also required to maintain the hygiene standards. When the requirements are met according to set standards then both dentists and patients are rewarded with DCN.

Healthcare Database

The blockchain offers the exchange of data regarding the patients’ medical record.

Trading Platform

It allows the supply chain management of dental products and equipment worldwide using DCN to avoid the fluctuated exchange rates and can be at low cost in less time.

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1 DCN to INR

Instant Buy

Current Price of 1 DCN = 600,000 INR
For 100 INR you will get = 0.00045 DCN

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