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Check the Latest Price of Decred Coin in India Today on BuyUcoin

Decred Coin Price DCR-INR

₹ 1,117.1

Current Price

Decred Coin Price Chart in INR

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Last Price ▾ -1.86%

₹ 1,117.1

24h High

₹ 1,147.25 

24h Low

₹ 1,113.78

24h Vol

₹ 84289567

1 DCR to INR

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Current Price of 1 DCR = 600,000 INR
For 100 INR you will get = 0.00045 DCR

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Decred Coin Price History in INR

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About Decred Coin (DCR)

Market Cap Rank


Decred Coin is a cryptocurrency based in a blockchain that focuses strongly on community input, open governance and sustainable development financing. A hybrid mining system is used to ensure that a small group cannot dominate the processing processes or make changes to decrees without the community's input. This system uses a hybrid POW and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mining system. A monetary unit is known as a decree (DCR).

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Decred Coin (DCR) Price Prediction

Decred Coin Price Today in India is ₹ 1,117.1 with a 24-hour trading volume of ₹8,42,89,567. In the last 24 hours, DCR-INR price has decreased by -1.86%. Decred Coin CoinMarketCap rank is 241. The circulation supply of Decred Coin is 1,61,88,482.0998657DCR coins, with maximum circulating supply being unlimited.

DCR Coin Price in India (DCR to INR) in 2020

From January to October in 2020, maintained the price between 1000 to 1400 INR, where saw a growing peak from November where the all-time high was seen on 31st December 2020, recorded to be 2,879 INR.

DCR Coin Price in India (DCR to INR) in 2021

From the beginning of the year, the growing momentum was seen where recorded a huge price jump from 2000 INR to 12,000 INR was in just a month difference was the all-time high as of now is recorded to be 12,309 INR on 11th March 2021.

Decred Coin Features


Decred uses an innovative Proof of Work/Proof-of-Stake hybrid system which combines safety with the careful alignment of incentives. This system delivers the best in the two worlds and makes it more expensive than pure evidence-of-work or pure proof-of-stake to attack.


Decred's integrated governance systems empower its community to make consensus changes and manage decisions at the project level. These systems make Decred adaptable to develop, resist forks, and integrate new technology in the future by the stakeholders' will.


Decred finances the treasury with 10% of each block reward and employs a flexible contractor model that provides rewards for contributors' work. Makes Decree an independent decentralised organisation sustainable and self-funded.

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1 DCR to INR

Instant Buy

Current Price of 1 DCR = 600,000 INR
For 100 INR you will get = 0.00045 DCR

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