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Ark Price in India (ARK Price in INR)

Ark is the primary DPoS type digital currency that furnishes itself with an equipment wallet comprising of a safe USB key, produced by the French organization Ledger. The exchange approval of the blockchain Ark is multiple times quicker than that of the bitcoin! With square creation like clockwork, the Ark blockchain is among the quickest in the market.

Current Ark price in India

1 ARK = ₹ 31.0

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Last 5 Ark Prices
Time Period
% Change
History of Ark price in India
On 1st September, 2017 The ARK price in India was INR 159.56 and it started increasing and finally reached at ARK to INR 194.40 on 30 September 2017.

ARK price in INR in September 2017
On 1st September, 2017 The ARK price in India was INR 159.56 and it started increasing and finally reached at ARK to INR 194.40 on 30 September 2017.

ARK price in INR in October 2017
In October the initial price of ARK in INR was 190.21 and there was decline in the price and it reached at ARK to INR 159.35 on 31 December 2017.

ARK price in INR in November 2017
On 1st November, 2017, ARK was trading at INR 137 and the price of ARK increased and finally it closed the November month with ARK to INR 201.21 on 30 November 2017.

ARK price in INR in December 2017
On 1st December, 2017 ARK price in rupees was INR 479.72 and there was decline in the value of ARK and it closed the last month of 2017 with ARK to INR 448.46

ARK price in INR in January 2018
On 1st January, 2018 the ARK price in India was INR 479.72 and it started declining and closed the month January 2018 with ARK to INR 354.47

ARK price in INR in February 2018
On 1st February 2018,The ARK price in India was INR 362.39 and there was decline in the price and it closed the month February, 2018 with ARK to INR 249.47

ARK price in INR in Novemeber 2018

ARK price in INR in December 2018

About Ark
ARK is a fast, decentralized, scalable, collaborative system that allows for bridging between block chains. Transactions on the network takes around 8 seconds. The Ark platform aims to make crypto technologies more socially acceptable and wants to achieve this through secure core technology and the implementation of practical services.

ARK was launched on February 2017.The team of 27 members spread across the world. The team members located everywhere from California to Bulgaria. The ARK Crew is truly decentralized. The team currently consists of 15 core members. The team has same vision to make the cryptocurrency long lasting by bridging virtual to reality and continuous development to expand its range of services.

The ARK infrastructure is modeled heavily on that of three older projects: Bitshares, Crypti, and Lisk. In fact, some of the ARK developers were previously developers on some of those projects. Francois-Xavier (FX) Thoorens, the CTO, was a core developer at Lisk in 2016.

Features of Ark

The features of Ark which make it distinguish from other cryptocurrency.
  1. ARK’s main intention is to connect the blockchains of every single cryptocurrency available with the ARK’s smart bridge technology. 

  2. SmartBridges:--  The Smart Bridge functionality will allow different enterprises, individuals and developers to use different functionalities from different block chains and networks. Linking block chains allow developers to invest in better ideas relaying in different blockchains, but in one platform.

  3. DPOS is a system in Ark which stands for Delegated Proof of Stake, it’s a model that improves on the usual POS system by having delegates forge the blocks instead of the entire network

  4. Another innovation is a hypermedial protocol platform. A P2P InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) allows you to process large amounts of data without overloading your blockchain

  5. It’s super fast.. It only took seconds in transactions.

  6. Ark is decentralized and voting weight is divided across all votes instead of assigning 100% weight to each vote.

  7. Sustainable:-Ark has an ARKShield program that provides an additional layer of protection to Ark.

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