Cryptocurrency price predictions, This BuyUcoin Weekly Best 5 Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis has an understanding of statistical patterns to find prospects for trading collected from historical data on prices and volumes. BuyUcoin Technical Analyst experts monitor market fluctuations, trading signal trends, and other analytical methods to measure the strength and weakness of an asset.

Technical analysis can apply historical trading data such as weekly based price forecasting of upcoming 5 based cryptocurrencies.

you can find below these top 5 forecasts for cryptocurrency prices and the technical analysis report.

  1. Ethereum (ETC)
  2. Bitcoin (BTC)
  3. Ripple (XRP)
  4. Litecoin (LTC)
  5. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

With BuyUcoin you will get…

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Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Price Predictions 28th to 3rd Oct.

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BTC very well holding the 10500$ support floor and moving towards the 11600$, and inevitable wick fish to the 11900$, from there we will see the turnaround in the market and BTC will melt down to the 9000$ region and even 9000$ is also on the cards.

We should be taking profits at these points in time in the markets if we have dollar cost averaging our buys in the lows and wait for the next potential buy opportunity when we come back down.

Ethereum Cryptocurrency Price Predictions 28th to 3rd Oct.


ETH did maintain the 350$ level of support but has not fully moved to the projected regions.

Here’s what should happen with the ETH right now, ETH will likely push towards the 450-470$ and then we will say a significant amount of drop to the downside towards the 260$ region.

Taking profits right now is much more favorable and patiently waits for the next buy zones, that’s what we must be doing right now.

Ripple Cryptocurrency Price Predictions 28th to 3rd Oct.

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Nothing has changed for the XRP as well, XRP is also consolidating in between 22-25 cents regions from 4 weeks now and will still likely to continue for a few days as well, but that doesn’t mean our upside targets are invalidated. They are just taking longer than usual to meet.

38-40 cents will most likely occur for the XRP in coming days, we have already averaged our buys in the lows of 20 cents so there is nothing much to worry right now.

Litecoin Cryptocurrency Price Predictions 28th to 3rd Oct.

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LTC still holding up the 45$ support floor and has not moved much from the last few weeks, due to its underperforming behavior right now in the market it will most likely to wick fish to the upside zones which is located at around 75-80$ region, which will trick most of the people in the market and then come back to the same zone where we currently are.

For this pair, I would suggest to wait for the upside zones to meet and dollar cost average in these regions.

Bitcoin Cash Cryptocurrency Price Predictions 28th to 3rd Oct.

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Among the 5 cryptocurrencies, BCH has not moved much this month and is likely to hold the current level of support for longer than we thought, we should be accumulating the BCH at this level of support as BCH looks bullish for the short term period and will likely to rocket ship to the 300-360$ region before going down to the sub 200$ region.

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