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“Litecoin Flips XRP to take the 4th Spot” Daily Crypto Report 30/12/2020

Price Change Today:

BTC is up 7.07% at $28444.45,

ETH is up 3.36% at $738.27,

and, LTC is up 0.42% at $128.73.

Top Gainers in 24 Hours are:

DOT is up 11.74%,

DGB is up 11.5%,

and, KSM is up 8.97%.

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Top Crypto Headlines for 30/12/2020 are:

1.Bitcoin Price Regains Strength

Bitcoin price formed a strong support base above $26,000 and started afresh increase against the US Dollar. BTC is gaining momentum and it is likely to break $28,000 and $28,400.The pair is likely to continue higher above $28,000 in the coming sessions.

2.Zilliqa, Terra (LUNA), and VeChain rally off good news and strong fundamentals

Positive news, active communities, and a shift toward Defi appear to be the catalysts responsible for the rallies seen in Zilliqa, Terra’s Luna, and VeChain. Moreover, as Bitcoin’s (BTC) strong rally takes a breather, several altcoins have broken out of their overhead resistance levels and are attempting to resume their uptrend.

3.Ethereum is About to Test a Key BTC Resistance Level

Ethereum has finally broken its trend of underperformance against Bitcoin, with the crypto’s recent break above $700 allowing it to gain some ground on the ETHBTC pair. It is in the process of climbing above it, which could mean that upside is imminent today.

4.XRP suddenly spiked 35% in 45 minutes after a massive correction

The XRP price increased by 35% within 45 minutes subsequent to a large correction after Coinbase suspended XRP trading. The main catalyst behind the sudden spike in the XRP price seems to be a short squeeze. According to data from, $96 million worth of XRP futures contracts were liquidated in the last 12 hours.

5.Litecoin Flips XRP to take the 4th Spot

XRP’s crashing price has already cost it the long-held third-position by market cap to Tether and today Litecoin flipped it to take the fourth spot as well. The SEC is known to come hard on platforms that do not adhere to the regulations in place and thus no one wants to take the risk of inviting SEC’s wrath by offering XRP trading services.

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