For The Growing Army Of Crypto Investors, The World’s Leading Fiat / Crypto Infrastructure Now Offers An Integrated SafeMoon Wallet MoonSafe

About SafeMoon Wallet

SafeMoon: Crypto in a New Light SafeMoon CEO John Karony stated, “Doing things differently is both our beginning point and part of our eventual goal.” “This new SafeMoon wallet is a critical tool for our investors, which is why we’re excited to join with Simplex — another firm that recognizes the necessity of operating on the principle of making financial markets and methods accessible to everyone.”

Transparency is one of our basic principles, thus we make a lot of our activities quite public. It’s one of the reasons we host AMAs (Ask Me Anything) on Twitch on a regular basis. We want our investors to be able to see and communicate with us, to understand more about what we’re doing, and to get as involved in their investment as they desire. That’s just a completely different perspective on cryptocurrency and investment in general. And it’s a strategy that we’ve seen work before. Because they realize we’re equally as committed to providing service and value to them, our increasing army of investors is extremely committed to our mission.” 

About SafeMoon

SafeMoon is a new yet immensely popular cryptocurrency that incentivizes long-term investment by guaranteeing a core liquidity guarantee. It was specifically built to favor long-term holders (known as “hodlers”). The SafeMoon protocol charges sellers a fee of 10% of the amount sold, while rewarding hodlers with 5% of the seller’s fee in SafeMoon tokens and putting the other 5% in a public liquidity pool in a bold attempt to reduce price volatility, which is often incited by big day traders (crypto “whales”).

SafeMoon also chooses manual burns over continuous burns, giving the company more control over the coin’s overall supply. The SafeMoon Protocol is a community-driven, open-source DeFi crypto token that performs three simple duties throughout each transaction: Reflection, LP Acquisition, and Burn are the three steps in the process. Holders are rewarded for merely holding SafeMoon coins with auto-generated liquidity and static farming, bringing a completely novel approach to tokenomics. By sharing 5% of the 10% charge paid on all SafeMoon purchases, the longer a wallet is held, the more tokens are granted.

SafeMoon Community

Follow the #SafeMoonArmy on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitch, YouTube; or on community forums: Github, Reddit, Telegram, Discord for the latest SafeMoon crypto updates. SafeMoon rose to prominence after being featured in a stunning Times Square billboard ad that was entirely solicited by Reddit member “properties” and sponsored entirely by the SafeMoon community. National magazines such as Fortune and the Wall Street Journal have lately promoted SafeMoon. SafeMoon is currently working on a number of future evolutions and company branches, including the launch of an NFT exchange that would expand the SafeMoon concept to other cryptocurrencies, a SafeMoon app, and a deal with a major African country to integrate SafeMoon as part of their public currency.

Stay Tuned for SafeMoon

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