Most investors want to make investments that will provide them with high returns as quickly as possible while minimizing the risk of losing their principal. This is why many people are always on the lookout for top investment plans that will allow them to double their money in a matter of months or years with little or no risk. 

Unfortunately, a high-return, low-risk combination in an investment product does not exist. Maybe in an ideal world, but not right now. In reality, risk and return are strongly intertwined; the higher the returns, the higher the risk, and vice versa.

Before investing in any investment, you must match your risk profile with the risks associated with the product. Some investments are high risk but have the potential to generate higher inflation-adjusted returns than other asset classes over time, whereas others are low risk and thus have lower returns.

Here are the top 10  investment plans that Indians consider when saving for financial goals.

Top 10 investment plans :

Cryptocurrency Trading

Because of the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market, day trading can be a very profitable business. The good news is that even when volatility is low in comparison to other asset classes, it is still high enough to generate a modest profit on your trades. 

Most investors buy coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and others and wait for their prices to rise. They sell at a profit once their market prices rise. Furthermore, you do not have to purchase the most expensive assets in order to profit.

Cryptocurrency Mining

Mining digital currency is still a relatively new concept that will take time to gain acceptance in a society where many people are accustomed to using a tangible form of payment. 

However, if you think about it, most people no longer carry cash, only a plastic card. As a result, the first step toward a cashless society has already been taken. Bitcoin mining and other cryptocurrencies have a number of benefits. 

Unlike traditional banks, which have the ability to freeze your assets, you have complete control over your Bitcoins at all times. This can be lost if your private key is misplaced. Definitely, under Top 10 investment Plans in 2021.

Cryptocurrency Staking

Staking is yet another method of generating passive income with cryptocurrency. People who own cryptocurrencies that use proof-of-stake have the option of staking their coins. Individuals who stake their coins are essentially lending their coins to the network in order for it to validate transactions. 

Staking cryptocurrency is designed to be profitable. Keep in mind that staking works due to Proof of Stake. In other words, cryptocurrencies offer profits in exchange for staking to assist in the operation of the network.

Share Market

The advantages of owning stock include the potential for capital growth, dividend income, flexibility, and control. To some extent, the price of anything that can be bought or sold is unpredictable. Investing in the stock market is risky, which means you could lose your entire investment. 

If you want to take a risk in the stock market, only invest funds that you can afford to lose. Investment is done to make more money, but do not put all of your emergency funds into the stock market.

Stock investing

Stock investing may not be for everyone because it is a volatile asset class with no guarantee of returns. Furthermore, not only is it difficult to select the right stock, but it is also difficult to time your entry and exit. The only silver lining is that, over long periods of time, equity has been able to outperform all other asset classes in terms of inflation-adjusted returns.

At the same time, the risk of losing a significant portion, if not all, of your capital is high unless you use the stop-loss method to limit losses. In stop-loss, an advance order is placed to sell a stock at a specific price. You could diversify across sectors to reduce risk to some extent. All the top 10 investment plans have some risk, kindly invest after reading all the documenst.

Mutual Funds

Equity mutual funds primarily invest in equity stocks. An equity mutual fund scheme must invest at least 65% of its assets in equity and equity-related instruments, according to current Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) Mutual Fund Regulations. An equity fund can be managed actively or passively. 

Debt mutual fund schemes are ideal for investors seeking consistent returns. They are less volatile and thus considered less risky than equity funds. Debt mutual funds invest primarily in fixed-income securities such as corporate bonds, government securities, treasury bills, commercial paper, and other money market instruments.


SIP is commonly marketed as a risk-free way to invest in equities and build wealth over time. SIP is unquestionably safe for mutual funds and distributors because it commits continuous money for the long term in exchange for a fixed percentage of fees and commissions. 

Systematic Investment Plan is a better investment option than Fixed Deposit, especially when considering investment flexibility, diversification benefits, tax advantages, and higher returns. That is why a systematic investment plan is preferable to a fixed deposit.

Bank fixed deposit (FD)

In India, a bank fixed deposit is regarded as a safer (than equity or mutual funds) investment option. With effect from February 4, 2020, each depositor in a bank is insured up to a maximum of Rs 5 lakh for both principal and interest amount under the deposit insurance and credit guarantee corporation (DICGC) rules. 

Previously, the coverage was limited to a maximum of Rs 1 lakh for both principal and interest. One can choose from monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly, or cumulative interest options, depending on their needs. The interest rate earned is added to one’s income and taxed according to one’s income bracket.

Real Estate

The house you live in is for personal consumption and should never be regarded as an investment. If you do not intend to live there, the second property you purchase can serve as an investment. The location of the property is the single most important factor in determining the value of your property as well as the rental income it can generate. 

Real estate investments provide returns in two ways: capital appreciation and rental income. Real estate, on the other hand, is extremely illiquid in comparison to other asset classes. The other major risk is obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals, which have been largely addressed since the arrival of the real estate regulator. For some investors, this is still the Top 10 Investment Plans and even best, but here we are also considering the returns in short-term and long-term P&L.


Possessing gold in the form of jewellery raises its own set of concerns, including safety and high cost. Then there are the making charges,’ which typically range from 6% to 14% of the cost of gold (and may go as high as 25% in case of special designs). 

There is still an option for those who want to purchase gold coins. Nowadays, many banks sell gold coins. Paper gold is a different way to own gold. Investing in paper gold is less expensive and can be accomplished through gold ETFs. 

This type of investment (buying and selling) takes place on a stock exchange (NSE or BSE) with gold as the underlying asset. A gold mutual fund is another option for an investor. Last but not the least and always considered among top 10 investment plans.

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