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The Zort Platform and Its Native ZORT Coin Look to Revolutionize Crypto Investing

Right now, there’s renewed global interest in cryptocurrencies as investment vehicles. That has a lot to do with the lengthy bull run the market has seen of late. And the addition of multiple DeFi investing platforms over the past year has helped, too. But for all of the attention the market’s getting, it remains an enigma for the average investor.

After all, cryptocurrencies are poorly understood financial instruments. The technology that makes them possible is something that requires careful study to comprehend. And the intangible nature of the assets themselves defies easy description. For that reason, a shocking one-third of all cryptocurrency investors admit that they don’t know anything about where they’re putting their money.

But crypto isn’t the only investment market that suffers from this problem. The traditional stock market, for example, is still looked at by the public as little more than a casino. And the forex market makes it look like child’s play, by comparison. The difference is – those mature markets feature countless options to help inexperienced investors navigate them and turn a profit.

And now, the crypto market is about to join them.

The Zort Automated Investing Solution

In response to the glaring deficiency in the crypto space for investor-focus trading solutions, a new platform has arisen. It’s called Zort, and it’s built from the ground up to help investors both large and small capitalize on investment opportunities in the crypto market. At its core, Zort works much like the automated quant solutions favored by high-end forex traders. The major difference is that it uses a custom-designed suite of AI engines that do all of the work those traders would normally do by hand.

It monitors vast troves of both historical and real-time data to identify patterns in crypto prices and uses its conclusions to create and execute trading strategies on behalf of its users. And because it does so at high speed, it can take advantage of even the smallest price fluctuations to deliver solid returns to investors. In effect, Zort offers a single-click investment option in a market that’s notoriously complex and hard to master. And it doesn’t stop there.

The ZORT Coin is The Key to The Platform

One of the reasons that few others have attempted to create an automated crypto investing solution like the one Zort built is simple: transaction fees. Due to the nature of the cryptocurrency market, high gas fees make most high-speed trading platforms impractical at best. But Zort developed a customized high-frequency trading strategy that minimizes fees for its users. And that’s where the platform’s native ZORT coin enters the picture.

Holders of the ZORT coin get a 50% discount on trading fees on the Zort platform. This is how the platform passes the savings on fees generated by its unique strategy to its users. In that way, investors gain a critical advantage that shortens their time-to-profitability when compared with any similar investment strategy. And that’s not all.

Holders of the ZORT coin also have the option of staking their holdings on the platform in exchange for a fixed 15% yearly yield. This allows them to earn money on their otherwise inactive capital, while simultaneously helping the platform to grow. But the unique aspect of the staking opportunity is that it doesn’t require locking. That means the investors remain free to sell or invest their ZORT coins in any way they wish, whenever it suits them, especially now that Zort has been listed on Kucoin and the team has plans to list the token on five more top exchanges in the future.

And because the staking yield is paid every month, there’s little to no penalty to pay for that flexibility. This means investors can leave their coin staked for as long as they want as a hedge against market drawdowns, and move to take advantage of more favorable investment conditions with ease.

The Path of the ZORT Launch

The ZORT coin made its public sale debut on June 14th, 2021, giving interested members of the general public their first chance to get financially involved with the platform. With the listings on major CEXs, it will give the coin wide availability as well as a higher profile within the crypto community.

And in the meantime, it’s already possible to sign up for an account on the platform via a simple form on its website. Doing so will give users the ability to check out the Zort interface and to keep abreast of the latest developments going on as the platform continues to mature. They may even begin using the investment system when they’re ready – which is an attractive proposition now that it’s possible to purchase ZORT and get access to the trading fee discount.

The Future of Automated Crypto Investing

From this moment forward, the investors in the crypto market will finally have access to an automated trading system that’s on par with the tools available to traditional investors in other, more mature markets. It’s a development that should clear the way for casual investors and even more experienced ones to go all-in on crypto with reasonable certainty that they’ll see worthwhile returns.

It should also help to increase new capital inflows into the market, too, which is good for the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem. And while it may still take some time for newcomers to recognize the value of what Zort and the ZORT coin have to offer, the wait will be worth it. And as for those already in the know – the sky’s the limit.

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