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Daily crypto news June 22 2021Earn Double Bitcoin Back From Lolli Promo

Canadian Regulator Adds By bit to Crypto Exchange Crackdown   By bit, one of the world’s top five crypto exchanges with $53 billion in trading volume in the last week, is in hot water with Canadian regulators—along with other prominent crypto trading platforms. It’s now added By bit to its investor warning list and set […]

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Gig Workers have begun to accept Cryptocurrency Payments

In India, gig workers have been using cryptocurrencies as a legitimate form of payment. According to multiple users and experts, software developers, content creators, and others who work with global companies use cryptocurrencies as a means of remittance rather than fiat currencies. “There are two schools of thought. One is that you can’t take crypto […]

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Retirement Plan turned Crypto Exchange

Bitcoin returns the ability to create money to the people. Furthermore, “Just like gold, investing in bitcoins in an IRA works best as a small part of a well-balanced portfolio.” Cryptocurrencies are a hot asset class that you’ve probably heard about in the last few months, thanks to their insane rise in value. Can this […]