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Salary-Day Competition July 2021

“I’ve entered thousands of competitions and have yet to win anything!” “Everyone else is winning except me!” Does this sound familiar?

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“I’ve entered thousands of competitions and have yet to win anything!”

“Everyone else is winning except me!”

Does this sound familiar?

If you read interviews with prize winners in the newspapers, it may appear that winning prizes is simple. However, it is not easy – successful comping necessitates perseverance, patience, and positive thinking. 

In this Crypto Week, break your boundaries and start winning like a pro!

Salary-Day Competition

Received your salary and want to invest somewhere to gain more profits? Yes, you are on the right track!

This Salary week Competition from BuyUcoin provides participants with the opportunity to gain valuable experience, demonstrate skills, analyze and evaluate outcomes, and discover personal aptitude. Competitions also encourage traders and investors to try new things and improve their ideas and skills.

Use your salary wisely, earn for a week precisely!

Everyday Top Crypto Investor will get 500 INR

High investments are obviously highly rewarding if you know when to invest and where to invest! Yes, you have chosen the right exchange as you are getting rewarded for being a Top Crypto Investor.

Though it is highly challenging, be the Top Investor to influence others and get a chance to win 500 INR. If you have invested only a minimal amount of money in trading, why don’t you give yourself a push to try out your luck? 

Invest more and gain more!

Invest and Share Video Review and selected 30 Videos will get 50 INR per Video

Starting from our recently watched movie to our best summer vacation place, we all love to review each and everything around us! With good reviewing skills are you confident enough to shoot it as a video and share it with us? We are so lucky to have you and would definitely appreciate for taking your time by sending us a video review.

Guess what? You will be rewarded with 50 INR per video. But only the Top 30 selected videos will be rewarded. So make sure to keep in mind the following things to have high chances of winning:

  1. Prepare good content before you shoot
  2. Be confident and share your real-life trading experience
  3. Your review can have both positive and negative aspects as we will take the negative points in a constructive way
  4. Make sure to shoot the video with good clarity and minimal background noise
  5. There is no time limit, so it can either be short and crisp or informative.

Give away your review, Take away your reward!

How to win this Salary-Week Competition?

Increase your chances of winning this competition by following the below-mentioned steps:

Enter every day

This competition starts on 2nd July 2021 and ends on 9th July 2021. Even entering a prize draw for the second time doubles your chances of winning – so if you can enter every day for the duration of a promotion, your chances of winning will be greatly increased.

Set reminders

Get into a regular comping routine if you want to improve your chances of success. Use Google calendar notifications, phone alarms, or even Post-it notes to remind yourself to listen for AMA and Webinars and do daily instant wins.

Find comping friends

If you follow what your friends are up to on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, you’ll find plenty of comps – especially if they’re kind enough to tag you in comps. Local friends are the most helpful because they will tag you in entry competitions – look for them in local Facebook competition groups or join a local competition club for this exclusive competition of BuyUcoin.

Join an online comping forum or BuyUcoin Telegram group

Check out the posts about motivational winners to see where and how people are winning prizes. If you’re a member of the Lucky Learners group, be sure to check it out daily because this is where other members share comps with low entry fees or lots of prizes (be sure to check out the ‘Pick of the Comps’ announcement post for our competition from our telegram group, and see what people are posting on the weekly winner’s post as well!)

Stay Tuned in Twitter and other social media handles of BuyUcoin

It is very important to get updates every minute regarding this competition. So it is recommended to follow our social media handles on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to receive our updates regarding the competition and stay engaged throughout the week to increase your chances of winning.

Turn on Notification from BuyUcoin

You might be busy with your daily huddles, so there is a chance that you may miss out on this golden opportunity from BuyUcoin. Turn on notifications from BuyUcoin to remind yourself about this competition as a timely move gives you a winning spirit.

Read the rules

Make sure you enter correctly – read the rules, check the deadline, and make sure your Twitter and Instagram accounts aren’t private.

Check for wins regularly

As they don’t know where to look, new compers may miss news of a win! Search your email inbox and junk folders for the words “congratulations” or “winner,” and if you participate in Facebook competitions, look for your name in the Competition Winners group. Check your notifications and inbox on Twitter and Instagram daily – and keep an eye out for hidden message requests!

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