Microsoft Launches Project Argus To Fight Piracy With Ethereum

When it comes to software piracy platforms, the office productivity suite and the Windows operating system continue to be the best. So it’s no surprise that Microsoft Launches, both programs, are working on anti-piracy methods based on Ethereum

Microsoft’s research group recently produced a document that included contributions from Alibaba and Carnegie Mellon University.

According to the document, the software giant used a blockchain-based reward system to bolster its anti-piracy efforts.

Argus is a protocol based on the Ethereum blockchain that aims to provide a decentralized incentive system. It will also protect data from any unidentified or concealed community of piracy reporters.

 Microsoft Launches: Here’s How an Anti-Piracy Program Powered by Ethereum Will Work 

According to the document, this is a problem with the shared system. Furthermore, it indicates that there are inherent barriers that must be overcome in a real-world implementation. Regardless of full openness, it is only the final aspect that will ensure the desired security.

Argus allows you to trace pirated content back to its source while also providing a document-specific watermarking method.

Furthermore, every report of leaked content, referred to as proof of leaking, follows a protocol that conceals the data. As a result, the only person who can report the precise watermarked duplicate without taking custody of it is the informer.

The system has incentive-reducing safeguards in place to prevent an informer from repurposing the exact leaked content under different names.

According to the paper’s study, Argus’ security and functionality are sufficient for anti-piracy campaigns in real-world scenarios. It states that the intended solution is a transition to a transparent incentive mechanism.

The document documents the team’s optimization of various cryptographic procedures while explaining the difficulty of fees on the Ethereum network.

This helps to equitably reduce the cost of piracy reporting for 14ETH-transfer transactions on Ethereum’s public network. The expanded form, on the other hand, reflects thousands of transactions.

Technological firms are now concerned about protecting intellectual property and combating digital piracy on a worldwide scale. For example, the Indian conglomerate Mahindra Group’s IT arm, Tech Mahindra, recently announced a piracy-fighting initiative.

The company has introduced a new platform based on digital rights and contracts on the blockchain. The platform, which runs on IBM’s Hyperledger fabric protocol, is designed to help the entertainment and media industries.


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