According to a Dallas News story, this sibling combo has been Ethereum mining for thousands of dollars. While other children play with their laptops, Ishaan and Aanya Thakur use theirs to earn money. From their Ethereum mining enterprise, which they started in their garage, the brother-sister combo now earns $32,000 per month.

After their father told them about Bitcoin, the two were interested in cryptocurrency. The twins were interested in purchasing the cryptocurrency at the time, but due to the high price, they decided to mine instead. However, they discovered that bitcoin mining had become an oversaturated business. As a result, they chose Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

They began by Ethereum mining on an old gaming laptop they had on hand. And they had made $1,000 in the first month of Ethereum mining with their modest operation. Given the earnings they had made with only an outdated gaming laptop, this inspired the couple to take their business to the next level. Crypto mining necessitates the use of chips, which is where the siblings’ first issue arose.

Chip Shortage Caused by COVID

Ishaan and Aanya, siblings, sought to expand their mining activities, but there was a chip shortage owing to the epidemic. Due to countries going under lockdown and individuals being unable to go to work, manufacturers have been unable to keep up with demand. As a result, obtaining a mining chip has become more difficult than ever. The couple had two choices: acquire chips from online resellers at a premium or wait for chips to become available. They went with the latter option.

9-year-old Aanya and her 14-year-old sister Ishaan registered with stores such as Best Buy and Micro Center to receive stock updates. They would be notified by email when the chips and hardware they needed for their mining operations were available. And the siblings would queue up outside the stores the next day before they opened to obtain the parts.

This technique has paid off for them, as the pair has been able to expand their mining operations beyond their garage. Because their mining rigs generate too much heat to be kept in their garage, they now have an air-conditioned data center in downtown Dallas where they keep the majority of their mining rigs. They still have approximately 30 cards in their garage, though.

Ethereum Mining is being used to expand the college fund

The majority of their mining profits are saved by the siblings. However, they had to sell some of their cryptocurrency to cover costs such as power and parts to develop their Ethereum mining operation. Ishaan explained that the profits from the mining activity go to their college fund. Both siblings aspire to be doctors and plan to attend the University of Pennsylvania in Ishaan’s case and the University of New York in Aanya’s case. And they’re hopeful that mining Ethereum will help them achieve their ambition of attending college.

In terms of electricity costs, their profits greatly outweigh the power bill they receive from mining. They had to pay a total of $2,500 in the previous month – $850 for their house electric bill and $1,650 for their data center electric bill. This is a big electricity bill, but it’s nothing compared to the $32,000 the siblings are making from their mining enterprise.

Their current setup consists of 14 rigs, which have 82 processors used to mine Ethereum. Then five rigs with 12 processors which the siblings used to mine Ravencoin because these processors are not powerful enough to mine Ethereum. The siblings plan to grow Flifer Technologies, which is the name of their company, and have currently ordered four additional mining rigs from China with a built-in processor.

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