lightlike other exchanges, BuyUcoin imposes withdrawal fees. With a creative trick, you can avoid withdrawal fees. BuyUcoin is India’s most popular crypto-monetary exchange, and it’s also one of the few that allows Indian individuals to trade fiat crypto-currencies directly. Save up to 30% Crypto trading fees in BuyUcoin.

Many people use BuyUcoin not just to buy cryptocurrencies, but also to keep them safe. With frequent use of the Exchange, withdrawal fees can quickly pile up. Some pointers can assist you in avoiding additional charges.

To trade without incurring fees, you must employ a method, which may entail selecting a promotional exchange. They are unlikely to give a method of depositing fiat, despite the fact that they provide fiat trading and deposits. However, if you need to acquire crypt to trade with no fees, something similar will be done.

Follow the Steps for Crypto Trading Fees:

Step — 1: Visit and open your free crypto wallet BuyUcoin Account.

Step — 2: Visit the BuyUcoin Exchange menu in your crypto wallet to find BUC token or Choose from below:

Step — 3: Buy a BUC token in India using INR & USDT.

Step — 4: Go To Profile and Click on Settings

Step — 5: Enable Fees Deduct Option to Avail BUC 30% Off Offer

Step — 6: Go to Classic Market and Trade Cryptocurrencies with Reduced Fees.

 for example, If you’re trading LPNT  on BuyUcoin

The steps below will show you how to save up to 30% on LPNT Crypto Trading costs.

Step — 1: Check Price Difference, “Reduced Fees of 0.15% using BUC” (Inclusive GST)

Step — 2: Enjoy Trading with an Extra 30% Discount.

Only the first 100 users will be able to take advantage of this offer! Who can say no to a bargain? Now is the time to get your BUC tokens with a guaranteed discount of up to 30% in trading with the Classic Market Buy/Sell Option.

On BuyUcoin, there are even more exciting ways to save money on crypto trading costs:

To fund a BuyUcoin account, make a bank deposit. You can register for BuyUcoin and deposit funds by following the steps outlined below. We do not charge you for utilizing your bank account to fund your account with dollars or rupees in order to avoid expenses.

Transfer the funds to the BuyUcoin wallet.

To use BuyUcoin Wallet, buy Dai, BTC, ETH, LTC, Dogecoin (DOGE), or another trading coin (it is cheaper than using BuyUcoin directly).

Transfer the coin you bought to the new exchange.

Optional: Purchase a coin from this exchange to reduce margin and withdrawal fees (BUC on BuyUcoin does this for example).

On the new commerce, there is free trade (typically for the duration of the promotion).

Return to BuyUcoin’s coin trading for dollar trading.

You’ll pay for your initial business and fees for transporting cryptography between exchanges with BuyUcoin Wallet, but you’ll pay no fees otherwise.

To BuyUcoin, bring your USDT or INR.

Use USDT or INR to purchase BUC or other cryptos from BuyUcoin. When you pay fees with these tokens, you will receive a discount.

To pay lower fees, go to your account’s settings and switch to the exchange token.

By combining limit commands and market orders, you can minimize your expenses to less than 0.1 percent by paying 0.1 percent less a discount for BUC.

Return to USDT and BuyUcoin for a dollar-based USDT substitute.

How can I lower my crypto trading fees?

Obviously, increasing your monthly volume by striving for a higher level is one strategy to reduce trading charges. For example, if the fees for makers and borrowers are traded at more than USD $10,000 in a month, the rates are reduced to 0.35 percent, resulting in a 15% reduction in trading fees.

Withdrawals from BuyUcoin might be quite cheap. When consumers withdraw coins from the BuyUcoin platform, BuyUcoin charges a fee depending on their estimated network transaction fee. The charge paid by users may differ from the estimate in some cases, according to BuyUcoin.

How can I prevent paying extra Crypto Trading fees?

With the EZ platform’s 0 transaction fees, BuyUcoin withdrawal fees can be avoided. According to BuyUcoin, they are not accountable for transferring cryptocurrency from one BuyUcoin wallet to another.

Because BuyUcoin and BuyUcoin Wallet are controlled by the same company, sending funds from BuyUcoin to BuyUcoin Wallet would be instantaneous and free, as this is a transfer from one wallet to another.

It’s worth noting that BuyUcoin does not impose any cancellation fees. Outside of the BuyUcoin platform, you can transmit your cryptocurrencies from your BuyUcoin Wallet to other wallets without paying network transfer fees.

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