How To Buy Gold And Get 5% Interest Through BuyUcoin

I like the color gold. I like money as well, but I don’t want to be a slave to it. In fact, I would like to be short money and long assets. To be short on cash, you must first cross a financial Rubicon, because being short on cash means being long on debt. That’s why learning How To Buy GOLD & Get 5% Intrest is important for me as well as the investors.

Paying down debt and saving money is common advice, but that is Finance 101, not the arena where real wealth circulates.

Above the reality of “get out of high-interest debt” there is the world of “borrow cheap money and buy appreciating assets”—the world of the “carry trade.”

If someone will lend you $10 million at 1% and you can get 3%, you will make $200,000 a year. Would you take that trade? Most would say no, they would not want to be on the hook for $10 million. Then add in the chance the whole deal will go sour and leave you with an unpredictable debt from a little sum of money to perhaps the whole $10 million then ask again and most will say, “no way.”

However, what are you going to do if your cash is going to be severely depleted: sit back and watch your money burn or take a risk?

Of course, this happens all the time. It’s known as a real estate mortgage. They put down 10% to 40% and leverage themselves 2.5 to 10 times. They anticipate that the mortgage rate will be lower than the rate of capital accumulation and that they will be able to service the debt with cash flow from employment or rental. Most people will not see it that way, but that is exactly what is happening, and for many, it is their only way to financial security. Short money long property has been a winning trade for generations, and who knows how long it will continue to be.

Property is likely to be a good investment in the coming years of never-ending money printing, but diversification is essential as with all investments.

Many people who are concerned about inflation believe that buying gold is the best way to combat it. The “gold bugs,” as they were once known, are obsessed with gold. There’s a lot to like about this. It’s fantastic stuff. Can anyone not be impressed when they hold a slug of it in their hands? It is, I believe, hardwired into our brains as gloriously precious. Why fight that when the world is cranking up the digital money presses to bail out economies that have seen their GDPs slashed by 10% to 20%?

However, gold has flaws. Do you really want 5% of your wealth stashed away in a sock, drawer, or safe? It is difficult to move around. It is costly to have it held by someone else, and it is inaccessible. It is frequently slow to transact. It’s not very malleable. It is costly and does not generate income for you.

If only it were as easy to use as bitcoin, the so-called digital gold. If only you could put it in a savings account and earn interest on it.

You can, but only in a way that will confuse and frighten many people.

This is where I disclose that I am doing this on my own and am not being compensated to write the following because this method is very specific.

So here’s the punchline.

I can deposit PAGX gold-backed crypto and receive a monthly payment of 5% from Blockfi. I get exposure to the gold price as well as a 5% dividend.

The advantages are that PAXG is liquid, instantly transferable, convertible into other cryptos, and the fiat value can be easily transferred to a bank after conversion on a platform like BuyUcoin.

This is a very useful solution for me to keep some of my money in the crypto realm while also using some of it to build up my gold position. The 5% interest rate is a huge incentive and clearly demonstrates the enabling power of crypto over the current system, which is unable to pay even 1%.

These platforms demonstrate why BuyUcoin is worth more than the combined value of the NYSE and Nasdaq. Legacy finance, with its massive overheads and ingrained rapacity, will need to adapt dramatically if it is not to be left behind by these new fintech innovations. I, for one, find the idea of rematerializing these assets into the grasping, customer-hostile, call the center-degenerate world of legacy banking difficult to stomach.

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