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Earn Free Bitcoin Worth of 100 INR on First-time Signup with BuyUcoin

Are you looking to earn free bitcoin to get started trading with BuyUcoin? Start with zero investment and claim Rs 100 worth of FREE BTC, Ethereum, and Chainlink when you sign up for the first- time. At BuyUcoin we pay you for trading, so start losing money and earn lucrative commissions when you enter, and learn how much smoother it will make your cryptocurrency trading days with our weekly webinars. Get started with FREE Bitcoin

Why are you giving away Bitcoin?

We believe in Crypto Education and Mass Adoption in India, and for that, we have assigned more than Rs 2 crores in INR as part of our Marketing Budget and spread the word about the positive in crypto, rather than looking at it as a medium to lose money. You can actually achieve maximum profits with BuyUcoin signals and attending webinars on trading. We also arrange 1 on 1 & 1 to many sessions to help our users get the maximum out of their investment.

Use BuyUcoin and receive FREE Bitcoin

As part of our ongoing marketing campaign, we are providing free Bitcoin to all newly registered members of the BuyUcoin trading platform. The aim of this free Bitcoin offering is to enable users who are interested in BuyUcoin but are still unsure to experience the best trading platform accessible.

Free Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Chainlink for you

When you first sign up for BuyUcoin, you’ll be delighted to know that we’re giving chance to all our new users earn free bitcoin sign-up bonus worth Rs.100, apart from our scratch cards program to help you earn even more every time you log in. This free Bitcoin is given to you, to show you just how much each and every one of our new users means to us. It also means you should start buying and selling right away.

Free Bitcoin Coupon Also available on:

Allowing you to buy & sell instantly

We’re giving each new sign up, free Cryptocurrency, allowing you to earn back blockchain & trading fees for you to make trading in crypto fun and rewarding. This ensures that even before you are investing, you instead start earning free bitcoins and another crypto.

Other ways to earn Free Bitcoin

  1. Referral Program
  2. Affiliate Program

Referral program

BuyUcoin’s Referral program allows all the users to earn free bitcoin commission on sharing their referral link with an assured bonus of ₹1000 EZ BACK Scratch Cards. Users can earn 30% Commission for referrals who trade plus ₹1000 Scratch Cards per User! Know more about the referral Program Click Here

Affiliate & Pro-Affiliate Program

Join one of India’s best Crypto Affiliate Program rewarding you for every referral with 40% & 50% trading Commission and an Assured Bonus of INR 2000+ worth in Crypto on every Signup.

You will get these benefits:-

  • • 40% & 50% of Trade Commission – INR
  • • Assured ₹2000+ worth of crypto on every signup
  • • Fill the application and get your affiliate link!

How to Redeem “BUYUCOINFREEBTC” and Earn free Bitcoin?

Redeem code in promo code section & earn free bitcoin
  1. Login & Visit Rewards Dashboard
  3. Click on Redeem Button.
  4. Now you will get Rs 33 worth of BTC, INR 33 worth of ETH, and INR 33 worth of LINK (Total INR 100 worth of free bitcoin, Ethereum, and Chainlink)

How to Use Referral code with this Promo Code “BUYUCOINFREEBTC”?

Copy this referral code and use with promo code for earn free bitcoin
  1. Login on
  2. Visit
  3. Copy Last Numbers of your referral code (Check the Image Below)
  1. Now your referral coupon is “BUYUCOINFREEBTC80237201”
  2. Share the coupon code and make your friends and family Crypto Holders.
  3. To redeem visit

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