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Earn Cryptocurrency Trading Cashback Up to 5% and 10% in INR

Are you hunting for more ways to passively earn cryptocurrency trading cashback in INR? We’ve always protected you. Yeah, this is absolutely possible. You will potentially get hold of any (tiny fraction) bitcoins without actually buying it. Having crypto cashback is another exciting way to render free INR without some additional operation. It’s a better way to buy, invest, and earn cashback, no question!

What’s the Cryptocurrency Trading Cashback?

But before we get into it let’s take a look at how cryptocurrency trading cashback operates. Bitcoin Cashback is essentially a loyalty scheme that helps you to receive directly INR in your buyucoin wallet while you buy/sell, and trade cryptocurrencies, instead of standard cash-back rewards.

When you make a payment, you’ll almost immediately get back a percentage of what you’ve paid in satoshis on your account. It’s that easy actually. What’s more, it makes you save money on your transactions like never before. You will also find better offers and major discounts in participating outlets. 

The best part of it? 

It’s absolutely free for all. No cracks, no coupons, no additional work. When you sign up for a free cryptocurrency trading cashback account on BuyUcoin, you can buy and pay as usual, and receive incentives in INR for any order. It’s the fastest and quickest way to get INR Cashback free in bitcoin trading.

  1. OTC Trading 
    Crypto OTC in BuyUcoin is basically exchanging crypto assets directly between two parties. As with all other OTC markets, trade always takes place between a dedicated trading desk and another individual or institution referred to as a counterparty. Over-the-counter (OTC) trading facilitates the buying and selling of vast amounts of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 
    OTCs provide more discreet and customized offerings to institutions and high net worth individuals in search of a high level of liquidity and privacy. The primary benefit of OTC is that it manages huge trade sizes without a price slippage.
    Benefits of dealing by an OTC broker
    Strong Liquidity – Committed traders from OTC desks can further improve the overall market’s liquidity. This means that they can manage big order blocks
    Fixed Price – OTC brokers would overwrite the entire order block. This ensures that orders are not impacted by the price slippage.
    Simple Fiat Alternatives – Brokers may have local bank accounts and will take cash at times.
  2. Unlimited Earning
    There is no restriction for rewards as you will be awarded free bitcoins with daily missions like getting started with a free Bitcoin account after successful completion of your KYC, for referring your friend, and for affiliate tasks.
    A deposit of a minimum of 10,000 INR will reward you with cashback in BuyUcoin, Bitcoin Trading activities on Buyucoin, BuyUcoin EZback Crypto Cashback Rewards for Buy & Sell and BuyUcoin EZ OTC Trading for Bitcoin.
    The future of rewards
    Not all incentive systems are equivalent. We reward your loyalty with a free bitcoin and have no restrictions on how much you receive or what you do with it. 
    Refer a friend
    Earn bitcoin rewards only for asking your family and friends about BuyUcoin. Each efficient recommendation is worth both for you and your friend in Bitcoin; all you need to do is spread the good word. 
    Instant rewards
    Your BuyUcoin incentives are paid out immediately in Satoshis, a bitcoin subunit. You can redeem your Satoshis at any moment, anytime, using the app or online. After that, what you do for them is completely up to you. Your money, your rules of procedure. 
    Unlimited potential
    Unlike others, we’re not restricting how much Bitcoin you can receive or how many people you can invite to join BuyUcoin. Welcome to the future of incentive schemes.
  3. Reach a certain level to receive the cashback on cryptocurrency trading
    BuyUcoin cryptocurrency trading cashback provides a simple yet effective way to massively increase your cryptocurrency balance and wallet balance in INR while you’re in your daily business. There is, of course, a privacy trade-off to consider when linking your crypto proclivities to your consumer spending habits. 

Cryptocurrencies give ordinary people both way and a reason to save and crypto cashback provides a tangible use case for digital assets, adding profits to your wallet while you trade with bitcoins.

  1. Earn Up to 5% and 10% Cashback on every trading (minimum trading required INR 5000)

In BuyUcoin you can earn unlimited cashback which is cryptocurrency 5% cashback on minimum trading 5000 INR and 10% cryptocurrency trading cashback above 10000 INR. Get free INR up to INR 2000 on BuyUcoin on sign up, referral, deposit and bitcoin trading.

Don’t leave your money on the table. BuyUcoin is one of the most rewarding day-to-day spending crypto exchanger application, available in both Android and iOS, that can help you win crypto incentives as well as save on expenses (big and small). We hope our crypto cashback app will help you invest smart and accumulate extra bitcoins!

Happy trading and happy earning!

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