Price Change Today:

BTC is up 0.1% at $19,113,

ETH is down 0.5% at $580,

XRP is down 2.8% at $0.498.

Top gainers in the last 24 hours:

SNX is up 13%

TOMO is up 9%

BAND is up 5%

Top Daily Crypto Report Headline for 15/12/2020:

  1. Ethereum Addresses Hit a 35-Month High, ETH Price Predictions are Bullish

Ethereum has risen slightly from its lows from last week, currently trading at $586 at press time. Although Ethereum is still significantly far away from its all-time high, analysts are predicting that Ethereum’s price has room to rise.

  1. Evercore Says PayPal’s Crypto Offering Could Bring Big Business Boost

Advisory company Evercore has named PayPal (PYPL) as its top payments stock and said the firm’s recently launched cryptocurrency offering could be good for profitability.

  1. With Google’s Gmail, YouTube, etc. suffering outages, is it time for a decentralized solution?

The Google App Engine has suffered several outages in 2020, outages that have ranged from 45 minutes to nearly two hours. The present outage, in fact, is the ninth time users were hit in such away. Filecoin or not, decentralization is the need of the future workplace and the Internet.

  1. Band Protocol Becomes First Blockchain Project to Join OpenAPI Initiative

Band Protocol announced Monday it will help the project create a common API standard enabling blockchain applications to easily leverage APIs (application programming interfaces) and data. Band Protocol has become the first blockchain firm to join the OpenAPI Initiative alongside big names such as Google, eBay, IBM, and Microsoft. 

  1. Grayscale’s Ethereum Holdings Approaching 3 Million ETH

Arcane Research analyst Vetle Lunde has shared some interesting statistics about Grayscale on his Twitter page—about the company’s ETH and BTC holdings in particular. According to the chart Lunde shared, since January, Grayscale Investments has increased its ETH stash from 0.5 million ETH to the current amount close to a staggering 3 million Ethers.

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