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Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis by BuyUcoin Expert 7th to 12th September

Our cryptocurrency technical analysis expert has again given the top 5 best cryptocurrencies price prediction. You will get an insightful update on Bitcoin ( BTC)Ethereum ( ETH)Litecoin ( LTC)Ripple ( XRP) and Bitcoin Cash ( BCH) in this weekly analysis 7th to 12th September. Now you can figure out which coin will raise the price and which will decrease the price of the coin. Lets See!

Benefits Of Cryptocurrency Weekly Technical Analysis

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis 7th to 12th Sep

Bitcoin Graphical Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis By BuyUcoin

As anticipated we did manage to retest the 10,000$ region support (I was hoping the wick to be extended till 9600$) and rejected this level very nicely.

If we see the chart on the higher time frame there is a higher low pattern forming which gives us the idea that BTC will rise to the upside region of 11600$ one last time before coming back to the 9000$ region.

Ethereum Price Technical Analysis 7th to 12th Sep

Ethereum Graphical Technical Analysis by BuyUcoin

As aligned with the BTC Cryptocurrency technical analysis ETH also managed to make higher low on the higher time frame which is located at around 300$ region.

Eth still holds this level of support very nicely and if BTC will see the push towards 11600$ region, ETH will most likely go to 430$ region before coming back to 250$ region.

XRP Price Technical Analysis 7th to 12th Sep

Ripple (XRP) Graphical Technical Analysis by BuyUcoin

XRP 40 cents regions are still on the cards and we will definitely go to see that region very soon, we are just seeing a short term downside push to the 23 cents regions which we should use as a good buying opportunity and fill our XRP bags.

Not hoping to see further downside momentum on this pair, XRP should start its upside movement in the coming days.

 Stay tuned and HODL Cryptocurrency with BuyUcoin.

Litecoin Price Technical Analysis 7th to 12th Sep

Litecoin (LTC) Graphical Technical Analysis by BuyUcoin

LTC has not done any major movements in terms of % gains as compared with the other crypto currencies.

LTC is still holding the 45$ region support floor and we will not likely see the break of this region anytime soon.

Expecting LTC upside movement till 79$ region which is also a long term resistance which needs to be retested at least one time before coming back to the downside regions.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Technical Analysis 7th to 12th Sep

BCH is still holding long term support which is located at around 200$ region, we are not seeing it break this level anytime soon.

I am bullish on BCH for the short term and will likely see a bounce back to the 330$ region resistance.

NOTE: DO not spend more than 20% at each potential zone. All the price predictions and analysis is based on the current market scenario and investments in cryptocurrency is subject to market risk.

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