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Coinchange Announces Truly 0% Fee Brokerage and 25% APY DeFi Platform That Is Secure and Regulated

PRESS RELEASE. Toronto––Coinchange is diversifying its portfolio of offerings with a move into the DeFi space. The High-Yield Account will provide all users with returns of up to 25% per annum on their USDC balances. This unique opportunity is paired alongside Coinchange’s existing fiat gateways and crypto brokerage, which will allow users to buy and sell BTC, ETH, USDC and USDT with 0% trading fees for a limited time.

Easy Access to DeFi

The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector has grown exponentially over the course of the last year, with over $60 billion now locked in DeFi protocols. Investors have been drawn to these new technologies – which can offer double-digit returns – due to low interest rates and the lack of attractive opportunities in the traditional financial sector.

However, DeFi can be difficult to access for new users who are not familiar with the blockchain space, crypto wallets, and specialized tools. Additionally, finding the best opportunities requires users to move funds between protocols at short notice and constantly research to keep up with the market.

Founded in 2018, Coinchange – a rapidly-growing digital asset platform that is licenced and regulated in Canada and 33 US states – has already proven a popular choice for purchasing crypto coins and tokens. Their new High Yield Account feature enables clients to access DeFi’s outperforming returns utilizing yield farming strategies, without the downsides of having to constantly monitor the market: Coinchange’s experts and automated strategies deal with this complex and time-consuming process behind the scenes and provide high returns and automated risk-hedging.

Unique zero-fee brokerage combined with a safe, high-return DeFi product.

Existing and new Coinchange customers can already enjoy the benefits of 0% fees on all deposits to the platform, as well as conversions between BTC, ETH, USDC and USDT. Coinchange’s High Yield Account, currently scheduled for launch on July 26, will enable users to lock their USDC and receive a yield of up to 25% APY – the highest of any comparable platform in the space.

Later this year, ETH and BTC will be supported within the High Yield Account – meaning that customers will be able to hold crypto assets that have a strong record of appreciating in value while continually generating significant income from them.

“Thanks to zero commission fees for trading, Coinchange is already the most competitive crypto brokerage service in the market,” says Maxim Galash, CEO of Coinchange. “With our High Yield Account paying users up to 25% on their holdings, we are proud to offer both the lowest fee and the highest earnings in the industry. And it’s not just about the fees. We are a safe, licenced, and regulated company that does a great job of simplifying a difficult user experience, democratizing access to new financial instruments currently unavailable to most people. We believe this will prove highly attractive to all types of customers searching for low fees and high yields.”

Algorithmic Yield Farming

Coinchange High Yield Account builds on centralized and decentralized financial technologies to give customers the best of both worlds. The user-friendly platform makes depositing and managing funds easy and straightforward.

Behind the scenes, automated strategies designed by Coinchange’s experts ensure that customers’ money is always working as hard as possible, locked in the highest-yielding protocols. Aggregation of multiple different platforms further increases returns beyond those available to all but the best-informed yield farmers – while Coinchange’s emphasis on security protects users from the risks and uncertainties the DeFi space can pose for newcomers.

The result is a safe and seamless bridge into the crypto and DeFi world, leveraging all the advantages of the emerging DeFi industry while reducing stress and complexity – meaning customers can sit back and watch their money grow without worrying.

Coinchange advantages:

– Time-saving, automated high-yield strategies, designed by experts

– Zero commission fees (Limited time offer)

– Secure, simplified access to DeFi with 25% APY

– One-stop control of funds with just a few clicks

– Withdraw funds at any time with no restrictions

– No need to manage wallets and private keys

– No gas payments required by users


About Coinchange

Coinchange Financial is a one-stop digital asset management platform. The company is licenced and regulated in Canada, most US states and working towards licenses in the rest of the US, as well as other major countries around the world. The service was launched in 2018 as a crypto brokerage, and in late 2020 began to incorporate DeFi yield farming strategies, providing a bank-like application that merges traditional finance with digital currencies and assets in a safe, convenient, and profitable way. The mission of the company is to bring DeFi and crypto wealth management to the general public and provide high-yield passive income, making everyone a successful investor.

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