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In India, BuyUcoin is piloting a Roxe payment node.

Roxe payment node in India

Roxe, a global payment service network for the next generation, today announced the launch of a pilot package as a

Roxe payment node in India for blockchain-based transfer products and services in India by BuyUcoin, a leading digital asset exchange platform. roxe is a fast, secure, and reliable way for a bank to clear and settle remittances and payments in seconds instead of days.

This network is intended to save significant time and costs for financial institutions through blockchain technology to provide rapid, inexpensive, and highly reliable clearance and cross-border payment and transfer payments.

The news shows a continual drive in the integration of traditional finance with decentralized technologies as traditional and digital finance institutions increasingly take over the blockchain. The Roxe network is designed to save significant time and costs to financial institutions, with the aid of blockchain technology, for highly reliable, safe, and real-time clearing of payments, transfers, traditional assets, and digital assets, and cross-border settlement.

“The US to India is a large remittance growth market as we continue our global expansion and lead the payments industry shift from a traditional account model to a new blockchain-powered paradigm,” said Haohan Xu, chief executive officer of Roxe. “Today’s international payment and remittance systems are too slow, too expensive, and too unreliable. Our partnership with BuyUcoin can enable Roxe customers to send remittances much faster, cheaper, and more reliably to India.”

“Our partnership with Roxe reflects our focus and innovation in providing the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective products and services to all of our customers,” said Shivam Thakral, chief executive officer and co-founder of BuyUcoin. “We’re on a mission to bring digital assets to millions in India. We believe that our partnership with Roxe will be the next major milestone to advance further on our team’s vision.”

Technology from Roxe enables members to access a blockchain network authorization so that they can be set in seconds rather than in days. Contrary to previous approaches which attempted to clear and settle using a digital asset, Roxe Member Nodes can transfer numerous different assets and asset classes and settle them. Roxe’s network currently supports US Dollars, major currencies, and fiat from countries such as Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey, India, the Philippines, Mexico, and Brazil. The Roxe network is designed to support USD.

Source: Roxe

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