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British Auction House Christie’s to Present Full Set of NFT Curio Cards on October 1

The British auction house Christie’s has been immersed in the non-fungible token (NFT) art and collectibles industry for quite some time. Christie’s has auctioned blockchain-backed items like Block 21 of “Portraits of a Mind,” Cryptopunks, and Beeple’s NFT that sold for more than $69 million. On October 1, Christie’s plans to sell a set of old 2017-issued Curio Cards and the set will also include a secret rare card.

Leading Auction House Christie’s Is Auctioning a Set of NFT Curio Cards

The non-fungible token (NFT) space has swelled quite a bit and the auction house Christie’s has been involved for a while now. The popular British auction house first dipped its toes into the NFT world in September 2020 when the firm showcased Block 21 of “Portraits of a Mind.”

Ever since then, the company has continued to auction NFTs of all colors, shapes, and sizes. Now the company will auction a unique set of NFT collectibles called Curio Cards, which is one of the oldest Ethereum NFT collectibles produced back in 2017.

Curio Cards is unique series of 30 NFT cards. The set includes 17b, a secret rare card. News reported on Curio Cards on June 4, 2017, when our newsdesk interviewed the project’s creator Thomas Hunt, otherwise known as the personality called ‘Mad Bitcoins.’ Hunt predicted that NFTs would be a big deal back then and at the time, Hunt told our newsdesk the collectibles would feature certain crypto artists.

He kept the artists a secret when News interviewed him but later it was revealed Curio Cards featured seven artists, including Luis Buenaventura, Phneep, Cryptograffiti, and Marisol Vengas. News recently reported on Curio Cards again in 2021, when the collectibles, alongside Rare Pepe (Counterparty-issued) NFTs, saw fresh demand this year.

Now Christie’s will be selling a full set of Curio Cards as the firm’s auction calendar indicates the sale will happen in New York City on October 1, 2021. On August 30, the leading auction house tweeted about the upcoming Curio Cards sale. Christie’s wrote:

As part of our Post-War to Present sale on 1 October in NYC, we’re proud to present a full set of Curio Cards, which are 30 Non-Fungible Tokens considered to be some of the oldest artworks on the Ethereum blockchain.

Curio Cards Wrapper Market Data on Opensea Shows $75.2 Million in Volume Traded

At present, the Curio Cards wrapper market shows there are 3,700 Curio owners and the collection has seen 22,900 ether ($75.2 million) in volume traded.

Curio Cards sales on Opensea.

Similar to those selling Rare Pepe Counterparty-issued NFTs with the help of container software and a step-by-step guide to adding XCP NFTs, Curio Cards need to be wrapped to be compatible with Opensea. The cards also have a Curio Wrapper Tool and the Curio Docs explain the process in detail.

“A 1% artist royalty fee on Opensea sales was voted in by the community on 3/31/21. 100% of this royalty is split equally between the original artists,” the Opensea Curio Cards market description notes.

Christie’s auction of Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” NFT holds the record for the most expensive NFT ever sold in history. The auction house also sold a set of nine original Cryptopunks for $16.9 million as well. On September 17, Christie’s will host the first NFT art sale in Asia when it auctions Cryptopunks, Meebits, and Bored Ape NFTs.

People please save some ETH for the @MyCurioCards at C’s damn!!

— Noah Davis (@NonFungibleNoah) August 25, 2021

In addition to Christie’s, the auction house Sotheby’s has also stepped into the world of non-fungible token collectible auctions. Sotheby’s first revealed its NFT entry in mid-March 2021, when the auction house partnered with a popular digital artist dubbed “Pak.” Sotheby’s auctioned a Cryptopunk for close to $12 million and sold world wide web inventor Timothy John Berners-Lee’s NFT source code with an error for $5.4 million

What do you think about Christie’s selling a full set of Curio Cards? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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